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Client Stories 9 Oct 2015

Client Case Study – Mary

By the time Mary (57), a Sales Administrator who lives near Canterbury, contacted Payplan in 2003 she and her husband were £95,000 in debt.   “It still frightens me to actually see it written down,” said Mary. “We had eight…

Client Stories 7 Oct 2015

Client Case Study – Eric

Eric (59) used to work as a manager for a large DIY store in the North East until he had a major accident in 1991, when he broke his neck and his back. From being fit and healthy and earning…

Client Stories 5 Oct 2015

Client Case Study – Michael

Michael (41), a Care Manager for Social Services, found his debts mounting after taking out a large loan for the purchase of a caravan.   “I had credit cards and other bills to pay but once I took out the…

Client Stories 16 Sep 2015

Client Case Study – Harry

Harry (42), an account manager from Northampton, started gambling when he was 18 but his addiction took hold when he hit his 30s.“I started out on pub fruit machines but then I moved on to the gambling machines in the…

Client Stories 9 Sep 2015

Client Case Study – Simon

During Simon’s first marriage he admits to living beyond his means, spending money on holidays and maintaining their lifestyle.  By the time he and his wife split up Simon, (42) from Derby, was left with a debt of £30,000, an…

Client Stories 12 Aug 2015

Errol Barker – Client Case Study

Errol Barker (51) is an HGV lorry driver from Clacton-on-Sea.  He was earning a good wage while working in London but when his wife Angelina became ill with depression he had to give it up and take a job nearer…

Client Stories 5 Aug 2015

Client Case Study – Janice

Janice* (43) works in sales and found herself in debt after relying on credit cards to fund her lifestyle.  She previously worked in London, was earning a good wage but admits getting credit was “far too easy.”“I ended up with…

Client Stories 11 May 2015

Craig’s Story

Craig Collins, from Leicester, found his debts increasing after being made redundant.  Now on a Debt Management Plan with PayPlan, he’s getting to grips with what he owes.  Read his story below.After graduating from university Craig (42) worked in the…

Client Stories 31 Mar 2015

Client Testimonial – George

Sixty-three year old *George got into financial difficulty when the recession hit.After a long career as a lorry driver spanning four decades, George decided to set up on his own business in 2003. He purchased a brand new van and…

Client Stories 19 Nov 2014

This is my story – John Putland

 I only got into financial difficulties when my relationship broke down and I had to take on more credit to make ends meet.I wasn’t happy in my relationship and I just turned to my credit cards for comfort. I got…

Client Stories 19 Nov 2014

This is my story – Amy Rankin

Growing up, I’d always known that I wanted to be a hairdresser. I worked hard at college and was delighted to land a job as an apprentice for a local hairdresser.I was prepared for the hard graft and long hours…

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