IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)

Write off debt that’s unaffordable with an IVA

With an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), you can be debt-free in just 5 years. Up to 70% of your debt can be written off*, and you pay the rest back in affordable monthly payments – with no more interest added, no more threats of legal action, and no more hassle from your creditors.

You will have to stick to a budget, but your debt repayments will be taken care of, and you’ll still have enough money left over to live your life.

How we will help you:

  • We will help you become debt free
  • We will help to protect your family and your home
  • We will deal with your creditors on your behalf

Can I apply for an IVA?

Have you got more than £7,000 of unsecured debt? Do you have at least 2 creditors? Are you employed (or self-employed), with a surplus of income of at least £50 before you pay your debts each month? If you can answer ‘YES’ to all these questions, you could be eligible for an IVA. At PayPlan we assess everyone on an individual basis prior to making a recommendation.

Speak to one of our qualified advisers today to see if you qualify for an IVA. Call FREE on 0800 280 2816, or complete and submit our callback request form >>>


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