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How PayPlan is funded

We offer 100% free debt advice and 100% free debt management plans. We don’t charge our clients anything – you may wonder then if this is the case how PayPlan are funded.

We are funded in a rather unique way: rather than charging our clients, we receive donations from the credit industry for our Debt Management Plans. But don’t worry – we remain completely impartial, and will always recommend a debt solution that’s affordable, sustainable, and right for your personal and financial circumstances.

PayPlan’s long experience means we can give you access to a wide range of practical debt solutions to help you find your way out of debt.

How our Debt Management Plans are funded

A PayPlan Debt Management Plan is funded in a unique way.

Rather than charging our clients, we pay 100% of your regular monthly payment to your creditors to clear your debt as soon as possible. The credit industry recognises our services and many creditors agree to pay us a small donation for providing this service to you.

Our impartiality enables us to deal with all creditors, so we don’t favour any creditor more than another, and we’re certainly not affiliated with any creditor.

Our aim is to find you a solution that is sustainable and realistic so you can repay your debts at a rate you can afford.

Our reputation for helping people out of debt has grown over the years, winning huge support from creditors and organisations that are keen to help us provide people who are serious about repaying their debts with a totally free debt management service.

How our IVAs are funded

If you decide an IVA is the right debt solution for you, PayPlan will refer you to our sister company, PayPlan Partnership.

The monthly payments that you make into your arrangement will cover the payments to your creditors as well as the Nominee’s and Supervisor’s fees involved in an IVA. These fees will not affect your monthly payments, as by agreeing to the terms of the IVA your creditors agree to accept a lower debt repayment into the arrangement. This means that your IVA payments should always remain affordable for you.

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