Why choose PayPlan?

We’re a friendly, established, family-owned company who offer free Debt Management Plans and advice to help people who are struggling financially. Whilst we’ve grown hugely since our creation in 1992 to one of the UK’s largest providers of free debt management services, our core aim of helping ordinary people to live comfortably whilst becoming debt-free has remained the same.

Free Debt Management Plans

Let’s face it; there’s no shortage of companies out there offering free debt help. You’ve only got to google ‘free debt advice’ to be swamped with hundreds of websites claiming to offer free advice on debt, with many of them boasting about their different plans for becoming debt free.

Whilst this may well be true, many of these providers will offer free debt advice but then charge you to set up your Debt Management Plan. Some might offer to set your plan up for free, but then charge you a monthly fee for your plan. Others might even charge for both.

Debt Advice Provider Debt Management Plan (DMP)
Set-up fee Monthly charge
Money Plus £299 Min £45.50 per month or 49% of your monthly payment
National Debt Relief Free £25 per month (minimum) to £50 per month (maximum) plus £2 per account per lender per month
Simple Debt Advice / Debt Advisory Centre Free Min £38.50 per month and maximum £90 per month.

Not only do we offer 100% free debt advice, we’ll also set your plan up for free without any monthly costs and definitely no hidden fees. We do this because we care about getting our clients debt-free, not adding on extra charges that mean it will take longer to pay off their debts. And we’re funded by the credit industry, which means we can pass these benefits to our clients.

As you can see from the table above, our Debt Management Plans are completely free from start to finish. But that’s not the only reason we think we should be your first choice for becoming debt free.

Trusted & recommended

Many of our clients come to us because they have been recommended by a friend or family member who have received excellent service themselves. ‘Utter relief’; ‘It felt like a huge weight had been lifted’ and ‘I instantly felt like I had someone in my corner’ are some of the most common responses we hear when someone first gets in touch. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have told us:

“Everything was handled efficiently, sympathetically and in a timely manner. It took the pressure off and prevented the further stress of being hounded by creditors and debt collectors.” – Colin 

“Really helped me sort my finances out; excellent customer service and always easy to speak to someone! I am now debt free and loving life!” – Sally

“I can’t recommend PayPlan enough. I now feel able to breathe and can see a light. Every single person who helped me was kind, non-judgmental and full of advice and understanding.” – Naomi 

“Excellent service, kept me informed at every step and made the whole process as stress free as possible.” – Nigel

*Quotes taken from Trust Pilot reviews

Our expertise and experience

Since we started PayPlan in 1992, we’ve helped over 1 million clients to become debt-free. We also help over 100,000 people with their finances every year, something we’re immensely proud of. Whether our help means getting people into a debt solution or simply offering them free debt advice, we’re guided by a simple goal – to help people achieve financial freedom from the worry of creditor hassle and debt.

Thanks to our outstanding track record of delivering free debt advice to millions of people, we’re highly recommended by the Money Advice Service and work closely with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, who often refer their clients to us. We also have clients referred to us by Unison because they know we can be counted on to deliver their members non-judgemental and expert free debt advice.

Our people

Another thing that sets us apart from other free debt help companies is our people. Whenever you call us, you’ll speak to a patient and professional PayPlan adviser, each with a wealth of financial knowledge and experience in helping people to get out of debt. And if you choose to get debt help online, our trusted advisers will work on your behalf to ensure we recommend the best solution for your individual circumstances.

If you choose to start a Debt Management Plan with us, or another debt solution like an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) from our partners at PayPlan Partnership Limited and Bespoke Solutions Limited, you’ll benefit from unrivalled customer support from one of our expert case officers whenever you need it.

This means that you can get updates on your plan, ask questions if there’s anything you’re unsure of and if your financial situation changes, we can monitor your payments to ensure your plan always remains affordable. Whether it’s on day one of your time with us or your final repayment date, we’ll be on hand to help whenever you need us.

Our supporters

As one of the most trusted free debt advice providers in the country, we’ve built up a wide network of supporters including Debt Advice Agencies, Unions, Employers and Credit Industry organisations.

We have excellent relationships with most UK credit companies, many of whom support and share our goal to provide completely free debt management services.

Due to our long-standing collaborations, they may agree to freeze interest and charges on debts in a Debt Management Plan and write-off large proportions of unaffordable debt in an IVA. The names on the list below aren’t a full list of our supporters – more are added every year as we help more people to become debt-free.

Debt Advice Agencies

  • Citizens Advice
  • MALG
  • Victim Support
  • Coast & Country
  • Institute of Money Advisers (IMA)
  • Advice UK
  • Southern Housing Group
  • Debt Action NI
  • Gamcare

Unions and Employers

  • Asda
  • John Lewis Partnership
  • Police Welfare Departments and Federations
  • UNISON Welfare
  • NASUWUT Union

Credit Industry

  • Santander
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Nationwide
  • Barclays
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • HSBC
  • Tesco Bank
  • Co-Op Bank
  • Virgin Money
  • TSB
  • One Savings Bank
  • Capital One
  • MBNA
  • Compucredit
  • Creation Finance
  • Masterloan
  • Newday
  • Ikano Bank
  • JD Williams Group
  • MyJar
  • National Australia Group
  • UKAR
  • Idem Capital
  • Lowell Group
  • Cabot Financial
  • Arrow Group
  • PRA Group
  • Direct Legal & Collections
  • Link Financial
  • 1st Credit
  • EOS Solutions
  • United Utilities
  • Quick Quid
  • Pounds to Pocket

How is PayPlan funded?

Free Debt Management Plans

We’re able to offer completely free debt advice and free Debt Management Plans due to our unique funding method. Instead of charging our clients, we receive donations from the credit industry for the services we provide.

That means that in our Debt Management Plans, 100% of your regular monthly payment goes towards your creditors, allowing you to clear your debts as soon as possible.

Whilst we work with hundreds of creditors, we’re not affiliated with any one in particular – this means we’re completely impartial and will always work in your best interest to find a plan that’s affordable and sustainable for you.

Costs of an IVA

If you choose an IVA, we’ll refer you to one of our sister companies, PayPlan Partnership Limited or PayPlan Bespoke Solutions Limited.

All IVAs, (regardless of which company manages it for you) incur costs due to the legal expertise and work that has to go into setting them up. We include the fees within your monthly payment and they’re split over the duration of the arrangement – so you’ll never pay more than you can afford each month and there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end.

Trust Deeds

Trust Deeds are only available in Scotland, and work in a very similar way to the IVAs available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (so much so that they’re commonly referred to as ‘the Scottish IVA’).

In a Trust Deed, you’ll pay a single, affordable monthly amount for a period of time, after which time a proportion of debt is usually written of. And all of the fees are included, in the same way they are for IVAs.

Digital debt help

Many people don’t feel comfortable discussing their debts on the phone – and prefer the anonymity and ease of getting debt help online.

We’ve made accessing our free debt advice and debt solutions easier than ever thanks to PlanFinder, our secure, online debt solution tool that will help us to identify the perfect debt solution for you. Simply enter details of your income, expenditure and how much you owe so we can work out how much you can realistically afford to repay towards your debts. It’s completely secure and confidential and only takes 20 minutes to complete, giving you convenient access to debt help – find your debt solution today.

What’s more, once you’ve entered into your debt solution, you can manage your plan online through PayPlan Plus (available free via the app store or Google Play), our easy-to-use online debt management portal.

PayPlan Plus allows you to:

  • Track all of your payments at a glance
  • View your income and expenditure so you can budget easily
  • Contact a debt adviser directly at any time
  • Make payments into your plan
  • Monitor your budget surplus, giving you increased control over your plan
  • Access a wealth of tips, advice, creditor terms and help to do with your debt solution
  • Make amendments to your plan

Being able to do all of the above with a swipe of your phone means you can spend more time doing the things you love, and less time worrying about your debts. Why not get in touch today to see if we can help with your finances? Call us on 0800 280 2816 or get debt help online.