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  • Case Study – Scott

    Case Study – Scott

    Written by PayPlan

    Scott (32) came to PayPlan 5 years ago with £6,000 worth of debt. The majority of his debts were with credit cards, payday loans and catalogues. At the time, he was also in a relationship with someone who was constantly…

  • Six Tips for Saving Money During Half Term

    Written by PayPlan

    Today our guest blog is from Charli, who writes over at One Wage Family, here she gives us her top tips for saving money with the kids over half term! Another half term is nearly upon us and that means…

  • The Facts: DMPs

    Written by PayPlan

    What is a DMP? A DMP, Debt Management Plan, is an informal arrangement between you and your creditors, managed free by PayPlan. To pay your debts back, you pay one single monthly payment, as part of your plan, which goes…

  • A guide to paying off your overdraft debt

    Written by PayPlan

    Many of us dip into our overdraft before payday and sometimes – if the month has been a particularly busy one or if any unexpected payments have surfaced – this means what we do receive from our wages could quickly…

  • Case Study – Luke

    Written by PayPlan

    Luke (44) had around £14,500 worth of debt when he first came to PayPlan in 2010. Luke was in full-time employment, but his partner had a long term illness, which required both financial and emotional support. Although after some time…

  • Five easy ways to keep your money in check

    Written by PayPlan

    It’s a few weeks into 2018, and we all know how hard it can be to keep motivated to meet your New Year goals. Despite the days getting longer, the evenings are still dark, the weather is still damp and…

  • Case Study – Chris

    Written by PayPlan

    Chris (36) had over £80,000 worth of debt when he reached out to PayPlan for help over 6 years ago. His debt problems started when his commission based job changed. Chris was a wealthy man with a large income of…

  • Kids Have to Deal with Debt too

    Written by Skint Dad

    Loss of a job? Change in circumstances? Or just the sheer volume of debt that becomes unmanageable? Whatever the reason you got into debt, it’s not just you it has an impact on. While, as a grown up, you’re the…

  • How to know when your debt is too much

    Written by PayPlan

    For many of us, our list of outgoings usually feature some sort of debt repayment. It could be the mortgage on our home, a credit card bill or a personal loan. But while we understand debt is an everyday part…

  • Can you go to prison for debt?

    Written by PayPlan

    Can you go to prison for debt? It’s a question many people start to ask if they are being chased for payment and dealing with court instructions, such as CCJs and third party debt orders. However, we can confirm that it…

  • What is a third party debt order?

    Written by PayPlan

    As soon as you hear the word court, alarm bells may start to ring. But if the court system is involved in your debt struggles, it’s important to understand the facts and keep a level head.If you are late on…

  • Getting Savvy About Priority Debts

    Written by PayPlan

    No one plans to get into debt. But sometimes the unexpected happens and managing personal and household finances become more of a challenge. When money is tight we might find ourselves having to make a decision about which bills we…

  • Looking After The Pennies in 2018

    Written by PayPlan

    This time of year is for reflecting on the previous 12 months, and also looking ahead to the next 12 months and what we can do to improve ourselves through little changes in our everyday life.

  • Festive Opening Hours

    Written by PayPlan

    If you need to talk to someone regarding your finances or living a debt free life then PayPlan are here for you. Please note that we have reduced opening times over the Christmas period, please see below for our opening…

  • The Facts: IVAs

    Written by PayPlan

    Here at PayPlan, we always want to offer a solution which is best suited to you. That’s why we are creating a series of blog posts which are aimed at giving you all the information you need about the different…

  • The Rainy Day Fund

    Written by SavvyDad

    Hi I’m Olly and I write over at savvydad.co.uk about all things family and finance related. We’ve heard the term “Rainy Day Fund” and you probably agree with us that it sounds like something we should all have. So, why…