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I was recommended to give Payplan a try when the debt management company I was with didn’t fulfil my needs and sort my debts out. Payplan took control, sorted my debts out and with no up front payment unlike the debt management company. Within no time I could breathe and sleep more easily. Payplan has lifted a weight off my shoulders and got me back on track and help me to manage my money better. Time has passed quickly and I have just over 2 years left before the iva is finalise.

Self Employed IVA (Bespoke)

PayPlan were extremely helpful in sorting out my debt problems. An IVA was set up and is running very smoothly two years on. Thank you for giving me back ky peace of mind.


Payplan have always been helpful, considerate and easy to deal with. They understand the problems we have and are considerate in their response to our enquiries. We would recommend Payplan to anybody who needs help with financial difficulties.

Trust Deed

I found the help was what I needed and everything was explained to me. I have peace of mind now I am making the payments requested from me and no that in about 2.5 years I will be free from debt.

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