“I’d been so worried about losing my home”

Name: Ian Williams

“When I lost a big contract at work, I knew straight away that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my mortgage, bills and debt repayments.

I tried to contact the banks myself about a possible ‘holiday break’ while I tried to sort out my finances, but it seemed like no one wanted to know.

In my panic, I just searched online for debt help and came across Best Solution. They came to my house to set up the plan and I just remember feeling relief that they could help.

I was only paying £25 a month to them in the beginning but once work increased, I increased it to £500 a month in the knowledge that my debts would be paid off quicker.  

It was only when work picked up again and I was in a position to increase my payments further that the problems started and doubts set in.  They advised me against increasing my payments as they were pursuing PPI claims.

I started receiving statements showing they had only been paying my creditors £1 a month for the few months. I tried to get some of my money back but they refused so I cancelled my direct debit.

I tried to get a refund but was told that it had all gone on fees.

It was only when I spoke to PayPlan on the phone that I discovered that you could get free debt help.  In my panic at the beginning, I just assumed that you’d have to pay for the service.

Determined to see the back of my debt once and for all, I paid £720 a month into my plan and in 18 months I was debt free having paid off £17,000.

Being able to make one payment a month really helped.

I found it easier to budget as I knew that once that payment was made, what was left was mine, and I didn’t have to keep trying to keep track of all my creditors.

Being able to see my balance falling was a great encouragement as I could see that there is an end in sight.

Being in debt was life changing and although I am so pleased that I’ve now come out the other side, I can’t help thinking that it could have happened sooner.

I paid Best Solution over £3000 and my creditors hardly received a penny. I turned to them for help but was left worse off.”