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Can you put payday loans into your debt management plan?

Including Payday Loans in your Debt Management Plan

Payday loans may sound like a great idea – promising quick access to money that you can use in an emergency if you have no savings to spare. But the reality is that most people end up paying a much larger amount back and can even find themselves in financial difficulty.

Payday loans are designed to be repaid on the borrower’s next payday. However, due to the high interest rates and fees charged by many payday loan providers, it becomes difficult for people to clear the outstanding balance. This means that for a lot of borrowers, the debt keeps rolling over to the next month.

If you’re in this situation and struggling to make repayments for a payday loan on top of your other bills, it’s important you tackle the problem before it spirals out of control.

While looking into debt solutions, you’ve perhaps heard of Debt Management Plans. These involve paying a single, reduced monthly repayment to the companies you owe money to. It’s an informal agreement that continues until you’ve repaid everything that you owe. The companies you owe money to can still apply interest and charges, and contact you while you’re in a DMP. However, it’s likely that they will agree to freeze your interest and charges so that you can become debt free quicker.

It’s an effective way to repay what you owe and reduce the number of monthly outgoings you have. Helping you to keep track of your accounts and stay in control.  

Find out more about Debt Management Plans and what to consider when looking at how to repay what you owe.

Can a payday loan company reject your DMP?

They can do, but it’s unlikely. The companies you owe money to will still accept the payments that you make in your plan, but they might not agree to the amount you’re paying them. Normally, this isn’t an issue in a DMP, as they’ll see that the payment you’re making is split fairly between everyone you owe money to.

If they don’t agree to your plan, they might continue to add interest and charges, as well as chasing you for payments. This means that it could take you longer to repay everything that you owe.

Once you’ve started your DMP and the companies you owe money to have set it up on their systems, they will stop adding interest and charges. This makes a DMP a great option for many dealing with payday loan debts.

Can a payday loan company reject your debt management plan?

When you propose a debt solution, whether it’s a debt management plan, an IVA or even bankruptcy, creditors have the option to say yes or no to being paid this way. Payday loan providers do have the choice of whether they can accept you making your repayments via a debt management plan or not.

However, it’s unlikely they will reject your proposal as they understand that they will still be receiving repayments. If your reduced payment offer is fair, there should be no issues.

It’s worth noting though that because it is an informal agreement they can continue to add interest and charges, as well as chase for payment – so it may take longer to repay what you owe. However, most lenders will stop adding this interest once we have informed them of your financial difficulty. This is because most UK credit lenders are signed up to the CSA Code of Practice and the Lending Code, which encourages creditors to consider stopping or reducing their charges on what you owe. This makes a debt management plan a great option for many dealing with payday loan debts.

Is a DMP right for you?

Debt Management Plans are an effective way to manage your payments more effectively, and to make sure that all of the companies you owe money to are paid fairly and on time.

Find out more about how a DMP can help you take back control.

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