PayPlan DMPs at a glance

DMP benefitsDMP risks
We’ll help you to deal with creditors, which may reduce stressAs you are paying less than your contractual payments each month, it may take you longer to pay off your debts
PayPlan will work with you to understand your household budget and set one affordable monthly paymentNone of your debt is written off, so you will still be liable for the same total amount of debt (plus any interest and charges that have been applied).
Creditors may agree to freeze interest and charges, stopping an increase of your debtDebt levels could increase if interest fees and charges are applied
Your name won’t appear on a public register, so you can keep your arrangement private from friends and family (should you so wish – we advise talking about your debts)Even if you make regular DMP payments, creditors can still take you to court to get a CCJ, issue a charging order against your home, or issue a statutory demand to petition for your bankruptcy.
A DMP applies to unsecured debts, which means you can keep up with your mortgage payments – a priority debtMaking lower than the contracted payments could affect your credit rating
A DMP with PayPlan is available totally fee-free

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