What to do if your existing DMP is closing

If you’ve been advised that your existing DMP company is closing down (or has already closed for business), you should act now without delay to find an alternative way of dealing with your debts.

How we will help you:

  • We will help you become debt free
  • We will help to protect your family and your home
  • We will deal with your creditors on your behalf
  • We provide Free Debt Management Plans

Next Steps

We will then collect all of your information and start the switching process. One of our friendly advisers will then contact you back within the next 72 hours to finalise the process.

Alternatively, you can call us FREE on 0800 912 1460 (we’re open from 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday)

There’s no need to worry. We can help you

At PayPlan, we offer FREE, no obligation debt advice and can recommend the most appropriate debt solution for your financial circumstances.

And if a Debt Management Plan (DMP) is still the best option for your needs, we can set this up for you. As all our DMPs are FREE, with no fees and no monthly charges, that means 100% of your payments go towards repaying your debts. So, if your previous debt management company charged you fees, a PayPlan DMP could even help you to repay your debts quicker.

What can we do for you?

We realise that the closure of your existing debt management company may be worrying and frustrating for you. But don’t worry, we’re here and ready to help you get back on track with sorting out your debts.

We’ll review your finances, assess your debts, and take a detailed look at your income and outgoings to see if a DMP is still the right debt solution for you, or whether there is something else that would suit you better.

At PayPlan, we offer advice on a wide range of debt solutions, and we will always recommend the solution that’s right for you – regardless of whether it’s something we can offer ourselves or not.

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If your debt management company is closing down, the Money Advice Service (MAS) recommends talking to an expert debt adviser as soon as you can. PayPlan are proud to be a MAS-accredited provider of free debt advice.

Why choose PayPlan?

At PayPlan, we understand the effect that debt can have on your life, but we believe that living with debt shouldn’t have to mean living in despair.

We’ve spent over 20 years helping people to deal with their debt and get on with living their life.

Every year, we offer comprehensive FREE guidance to more than 80,000 people who are struggling with their finances. Our aim is to help you find a way out of debt, so you can take back control of your money.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s how we helped Ian Williams

“I’d been so worried about losing my home.”

Before I came to PayPlan, I was with a fee charger who told me that it would take approximately five years to pay off my debts. After a few months, I moved to PayPlan and the repayment period immediately reduced to two years.

I started receiving statements showing they had only been paying my creditors £1 a month although Id increased my payments to £500. It was then that I knew I had to do something. PayPlan immediately made a difference to my life. For the first time in ages, I finally felt like everything would be ok.

I’d been so worried about losing my home. I don’t know how I would have coped if I did, but as soon as PayPlan put me into my debt plan, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

Until I contacted PayPlan, I thought I would have been paying back my debts for a long time. I didn’t see an end to it. PayPlan not only took on my debt but the burden and worry that debt brings with it and gave me an end goal. I finally felt like I could start looking ahead instead of just plodding along.

Once I paid all of my debt off – in two years – rather than the five originally stated by the fee charger, PayPlan didn’t just send me on my way. They helped me budget and adjust to life without debt. They gave me my life back.

Ian Williams
06 February 2017

Can I just switch from my existing DMP to a PayPlan DMP?

If a DMP is still the right debt solution for you, we can get this set up for you as soon as possible, and deal with your creditors on your behalf. But there might be another more suitable debt solution for your needs – that’s why we need to review your financial situation, your debts, and your income & expenditure before recommending the best way forward.

You say PayPlan offer DMPs with no fees. What’s the catch?

There’s really no catch – in a PayPlan DMP, 100% of your payments go to your creditors. 

Which Debt Management firms have been affected?

The following firms are no longer able to offer debt management plans

Please note, some of the following firms may have sold their client list to another company.

  • Aaron Cooper
  • Abbey Taylor Limited
  • Aequitas Financial LLP
  • Alexander Barclay
  • Alpha Debt Management Ltd
  • Ashley Park Financial Solutions
  • Assured Money Solutions Limited
  • Barrister Lloyd Debt Solutions Ltd
  • Belmont Financial Management Consultants Limited
  • Best 4 Loans
  • Big t Media Ltd
  • Carefree Group Limited
  • Chatsworth Woodbine Limited
  • Christopher Dillon Inspired Solutions
  • Christopher John Bridgwater
  • Churchwood Financial Limited
  • CL Perry
  • Clear the Debt Limited
  • Collect Services Limited
  • Conclusive Financial Limited
  • Countrywide Debt Collections LTD
  • Credit-Hero Ltd
  • Cross Keys Estates
  • Crystal Clear Finance Ltd
  • David A Williams t/a Debts Maze Solutions
  • David Hodkinson
  • Debt Care Management Limited
  • Debt Clever
  • Debt Clever Limited
  • Debt Clever Financial Management Limited
  • Debthelp-Advice.com
  • Debt Lifeline Limited
  • Debt Organised Ltd
  • Debt Resolve
  • Debt Solutions 4 U UK Ltd
  • Debt Solutions Direct Ltd
  • Debt Specialist Centre Limited
  • Debtaid Limited
  • DebtFree Haven Limited
  • debtstream limited
  • Dr Lincoln Advice Centre Ltd
  • Elite Debt Solutions Ltd
  • Enable Money Solutions
  • Express Debt Solutions
  • Fairline Financial Limited
  • Fidelitas Group Limited
  • Financial Vision Partnership Limited
  • First Credit Advice Limited
  • Flairford Securities Ltd
  • Gemstone Financial Management Ltd
  • Guardian Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Hashim Sharif
  • Helen Shakespeare
  • Ideal Money Solutions Ltd
  • Incentive Financial Ltd
  • Ingleton Chambers Ltd
  • Ironbridge (Money Management) Ltd
  • IS Business House
  • I-Sm@art Consumer Services Ltd
  • John Harold Brooks
  • Kensington Financial Management Consultants Limited
  • Linda Carole Stuart
  • Mohammed Sharif Miah
  • Money & Debt Consultancy
  • Money & More Limited
  • Money Claims UK Limited
  • Money Clinic Debt Management Limited
  • Money Enterprises Limited t/a Island Debt Management
  • Money Junction Limited
  • Money Matcher Limited
  • Money Matters Action Cic
  • Moorhead Savage Limited
  • Munro Hamer and Pursaill Accountants Ltd
  • My Debt Lifeline UK Ltd
  • N and G (South East) Limited
  • NM Solution Limited
  • One Credit Key Lmited
  • One-Call Debt Solutions Limited
  • Paul Christopher Richmond
  • Paul Fouzi Ayob Johns
  • PDHL Limited
  • Phoenix Company Consultants North Ltd
  • Positive Steps Debt Assistance
  • Promise Debt solutions Limited
  • Promise Financial Solutions UK Limited
  • Quickly Finance Limited
  • R M R Financial Services t/a Compass Debt Counsellors
  • Robert Monks
  • Sage Independent Advisers Ltd
  • Simple Financial
  • Smart Debt Ltd
  • Smart UK Solutions Limited
  • Southern Tree Limited
  • Sterling Trust UK
  • Swift Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Temple Finance Services ltd
  • The Insolvency Advisory Service Limited
  • Total Money Solutions Limited
  • Twinpier Publishing Limited
  • Valour Financial Management
  • Victorstone Limited
  • WhiteWater Debt Management Limited
  • Wilson Field Limited

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