Example DMPs

While you could set up a DMP yourself, PayPlan takes the headache of this away because a DMP with PayPlan is FREE to set up and all payments are also administered for FREE, ensuring all of your payment goes towards getting you out of debt.

As an example, imagine Mr X had a debt of £8,474. Following a full assessment of his income and priority payments each month such as his mortgage, vehicle hire purchase payment, household bills and food expenses, PayPlan established that Mr X can comfortably afford a monthly payment of £153 per month. The table below shows how the payment to each of his creditors is calculated:

CreditorAmount of debt% of overall debtAmount of DMP payment received
Credit card£1,525.3218%£27.54/month
Store card£1,779.5421%£32.13/month
Bank loan£5,169.1461%£93.33/month

If you choose PayPlan for your DMP , you pay your agreed DMP payment each month to us, and we will distribute this free of charge to your creditors.

PayPlan has helped over a million people become debt free. While every case is different, the chart below shows the significant difference that managing their debts through a DMP has made to four genuine PayPlan clients.

How much less you could pay in a Payplan DMPBeforeAfterClient 1Client 2Client 3Client 4220290360430500Pounds

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