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Example Debt Management Plans

Why are Payplan’s Debt Management Plans free, when pretty much all other debt management companies impose extra charges on their clients every month?When you’re in debt, we at Payplan understand that you really can’t take any risks with your money.

That’s why if you set up a Debt Management Plan (DMP) with Payplan, we won’t charge you any fees whatsoever.There’s really nothing extra to pay us!

A good DMP will allow you to make a regular affordable payment to your creditors for as long as it takes until your debts are fully repaid.Naturally, making a lower DMP payment to creditors will result in a longer repayment period, but at Payplan we do our best to create a plan that is personalised and affordable for each client to really help you out of debt.

Agreeing lower payments with your creditors all by yourself can be tricky, but this is where Payplan (and our 20 years’ experience of dealing with the credit industry) can help you.

Are you interested in repaying less each month with a free debt solution?

Most people who contact our friendly advisers call free on 0800 280 2816, while others prefer to fill in our online Debt Help form so we can call them back and offer impartial and useful advice on their circumstances.

How much less you could pay in a Payplan DMPBeforeAfterClient 1Client 2Client 3Client 4220290360430500Pounds

Although every case is different, the chart to the left shows you how four genuine Payplan clients are now repaying much less each month after they entered into a Payplan DMP.

This is because Payplan negotiate with your creditors and agree a more affordable repayment for you.

What makes Payplan so different from other debt management companies?

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Calculate how much sooner you could be out of debt with a Payplan DMP

Add in your debt and your repayment, and we’ll calculate how much sooner a free Payplan DMP could get you out of debt when compared with a typical fee-charging debt management company.The results could shock and amaze you.

In debt?You're not alone!

Debt is a big worry for many people, as you'll see on our unique UK Debt Map. See how many people Payplan helped near you this year.

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Example IVA

In this typical example, we arranged an IVA for our client who was struggling to repay his debts. His payments are now more affordable!

  • Debt: £20,000
  • Creditors: 3
  • Was paying: £520 per month
  • Now paying: £120 per month
  • Written off: £12,000
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Here at PayPlan, we understand the effect that debt can have on your life, but we believe that living with debt shouldn’t have to mean living in despair.

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