How is your DMP payment worked out?

Your regular DMP payment amount is set at a level you can realistically afford, after all your essential living costs and any priority payments have been taken care of.

To work how much you can afford to pay, we look at your total net income from all sources – including earnings, benefits and pensions. We then calculate your total outgoings – basically everything you need to pay your rent or mortgage, run your home, buy food and clothes for your family and keep on top of all your essential bills.

We then subtract your total outgoings from your total income, and what’s left is the amount you can afford to put towards repaying your unsecured debts.

We will review your personal and financial circumstances at least once a year, but if any changes happen which will affect your ability to make your agreed regular DMP payments, please let us know immediately.

Wherever possible, please continue to make your agreed regular DMP payments until you’ve spoken to us.

And if your situation improves, and you can afford to increase your regular DMP payments, please let us know too. Increasing your payments could significantly reduce the time it takes to repay your debts.

If you have any queries about your DMP payment – or anything else about your DMP for that matter – give us a call FREE on 0800 316 7155 or email us:

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