“Thank you to PayPlan”

Age: 59
Location: Hampshire
Employment: Cleaner

Jacqui had a relatively comfortable upbringing. With her private school education and her dad’s job as a pilot, Jacqui wanted for nothing.

When she met her husband and had two sons, the family relocated to Highcliffe in Dorset, where the cost of living was above average.

With two children close in age and no family around to help with childcare, Jacqui struggled to work fulltime, opting to work part time as a dinner lady instead to make ends meet.

As the cost of living increased, they started to struggle to maintain the household bills.

She said: “I always made sure we paid the mortgage but we could only afford token payments for everything else.”

“Every day was hard. I feared every knock on the door, every phone call and scarcely opened the post. It wasn’t long before I felt severely depressed and struggled to get up in the morning.

“I dreaded occasions like Birthdays and Christmas. Christmas has always been a big occasion in or household and I was desperate for my family to enjoy themselves, so would always end up taking out even more credit to cover the costs. Even if it was just a couple of hundred pounds, it helped.

“But after the festive season, it hits hard and I’d always struggle to pay it all back. Looking back, It’s not worth it but you get caught up in the festivities and the pressure to please your family.”

When Jacqui had to turn to her local food bank to feed her children, she knew they needed help and contacted PayPlan  at the end of 2011 who set her up in a debt management plan.

Six years later and Jacquie is now debt free after paying her debts back in full last month (Feb 17)

She said:  “I’m very open with all my family and friends about being debt. It can happen to anyone regardless of who you are or where you came from. Thank you to PayPlan for helping me get where I am today.”