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Debt Facts 10 May 2019

How long does it take to improve credit score?

Having a low credit score affects your ability to take out credit. You can always improve your credit score, but you’ll need to take some steps to achieve this. What is a credit score? A credit score is a numerical…

Money Management 23 Feb 2018

Avoid the ‘invisible money’ trap

Most of us are so used to flashing the plastic at the till and online that we rarely give it a second thought. Of course, credit cards are useful for household budgeting, helping you to spread the cost of big-ticket…

Money Management 6 Feb 2018

A guide to paying off your overdraft debt

Many of us dip into our overdraft before payday and sometimes – if the month has been a particularly busy one or if any unexpected payments have surfaced – this means what we do receive from our wages could quickly…

Money Management 11 Dec 2017

Looking After The Pennies in 2018

This time of year is for reflecting on the previous 12 months, and also looking ahead to the next 12 months and what we can do to improve ourselves through little changes in our everyday life.

Money Management 29 Nov 2017

The Rainy Day Fund

Hi I’m Olly and I write over at savvydad.co.uk about all things family and finance related. We’ve heard the term “Rainy Day Fund” and you probably agree with us that it sounds like something we should all have. So, why…

Money Management 8 Nov 2017

How To Save A Little Each Day

You might think this article is irrelevant to you, particularly if you’re relying on credit cards to pay for those extra expenses at the end of the month. But by making a few small changes you can improve your financial…

Living in Debt 12 Dec 2016

Our Christmas campaign revealed… #HappyNewYear

PayPlan have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading mental health charity’s, SANE, to reveal a Christmas campaign targeting mental health and debt. Our campaign #HappyNewYear looks at the real cost of Christmas and makes you question whether it’s…

Living in Debt 28 Nov 2016

Easier ways to manage your money

When we start to make efforts to monitor our finances, managing our money becomes a little easier. This week’s blog post looks at the methods you can use to keep track of your accounts and how you can control of…

Living in Debt 14 Oct 2016

An Unfortunate Week

We've released a new campaign called An Unfortunate Week. It’s an interactive guide showing hypothetical examples of someone subject to bad luck in the week running up to payday. An Unfortunate Week is an eye opening piece that we hope…

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