What is Big Energy Saving Week?

Big Energy Saving Week (BESW) is a national partnership campaign aimed at helping people to understand their energy use and get cheaper energy bills. BESW offers helpful links to compare energy bills, as well as support and guidance.

When is Big Energy Saving Week?

The next BESW starts on Monday 20 January 2020. Look out for the hashtag #BESW on social media and share to spread the word! The week falls in January because Citizens Advice feels that people are more likely to worry about bills after Christmas. Finances are likely to be stretched at this time of year.

Who organises Big Energy Saving Week?

Several organisations head up the initiative, including Citizens Advice (the official consumer body for energy), Citizens Advice Scotland and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Why does Big Energy Saving Week exist?

Switching energy supplier is incredibly easy to do. However, consumers either don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do it. Citizens Advice is aware that people are living in fuel poverty and are struggling to pay their energy bills. They have set about showing consumers how easy it is to get a better deal.

Citizens Advice claims that over £20bn in benefits goes unclaimed in the UK. Consumers aren’t taking advantage of opportunities to maximise their income and expenditure, so Big Energy Saving Week is there to offer guidance.

How could BESW help you?

You could get advice on how to save money on energy costs by switching your energy supplier or tariff. You could also access discounts or grants and make your home more energy efficient.

If you are worried about your finances, you could save hundreds of pounds by switching provider and taking out a new deal. There are flexible tariffs available to offer you the freedom to leave your contract early, or to get locked in for a longer period of time at a lower rate. You may also be entitled to benefits and grants by enrolling on programmes like the Priority Services Register.


So, how much could you save?

In 2018, BESW promoters helped thousands of people save approximately £1,000,000 through events and online campaigns. 90% of consumers who attended a Big Energy Saving Week event in 2018 felt more confident when it came to saving money on their energy bills.


What can you do next?

Use an energy price comparison website, like Uswitch, to see if you could save money by switching tariff or supplier. Keep an existing energy bill statement to hand, so you can see what tariff you’re currently on and how much your average utility bills cost. This will help speed up your energy comparison online, as it would if you contact your supplier over the phone.

The Citizens Advice website is also a great source of advice for any money worries or questions you may have. They offer impartial guidance and information for all sorts of issues.

If you are worried about your finances and wish to talk to someone, you can get free debt help online now. Alternatively, speak to a friendly PayPlan adviser on 0800 316 1833 .