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  • Teaching children about money management

    Written by Hannah S

    Did your parents ever sit down with you to discuss how to write a cheque or how a credit card works? Did anyone ever explain loans and interest to you? How about budgeting and savings?The global economy is always evolving, and over the last few years there’s been a significant…

  • Summer holidays on a budget

    Written by Hannah S

    Whether you’re planning to take a trip or stay closer to home, the key to planning how to spend your summer holidays is to manage your budget and do some research on what’s affordable for your family. Research what’s available Depending on your financial circumstances, it may seem difficult to…

  • Seven Ways to Shop Safely Online

    Written by PayPlan

    Have you ever ordered your dream outfit online, but it arrives at your house looking completely different? Or, even worse – it never turned up at all? While we’ve probably all experienced an online shopping disappointment, did you know that fake shopping sites can put you at risk of online…

  • Top financial tips for self-employed workers

    Written by Tom James

    The recent budget announcement was highly anticipated by millions up and down the country, including self-employed workers who found out that the Self-employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) would remain in place and provide two further grants to help cover average trading profits.If you’re a self-employed worker who is struggling to…

  • Winter financial wellbeing

    Winter Financial Wellbeing

    Written by Lizzie Marlow

    If this year has taught us anything, it’s to plan for the unexpected. At PayPlan, we’ve put together our top tips for looking after your financial wellbeing this Winter. Financial wellbeing isn’t just about what we spend, but it’s also about how we feel about our finances. You’ll find money…

  • Gambling

    How to tackle gambling in football today

    Written by Tom James

    After a long break due to coronavirus, competitive top-flight football in England is back on our screens. From Wednesday 17th June, there will be at least 8,280 minutes of Premier League football played across the remaining 92 games, and every fixture will be broadcast live across either Sky Sports, Amazon…

  • What to do if you've lost your job and are in debt - PayPlan

    Coronavirus and fraud

    Written by Sam Critten

    It’s encouraging to see that the majority of our society is pulling together during this difficult time, listening to the scientific advice set out by the government and helping each other where we can. Unfortunately, there will always be a minority of people who try to make a profit off…

  • persistent debt card

    5 things to do if you’re in persistent debt

    Written by PayPlan

    You might’ve heard the phrase ‘persistent debt’ in the news recently, and with good reason.In a move designed to help borrowers avoid paying large amounts of money in interest and charges, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently warned lenders against the blanket suspension of credit cards for people who…

  • save-on-bills

    How to Save Money on Household Bills

    Written by Tom James

    This is a guest blog on how to save money on household bills from Compare The Market.Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid debt if your expenditures are greater than your income but making small changes to your lifestyle and shopping around for better deals can help you to save…

  • How to Save Money This Christmas & Avoid the Debt Hangover in 2020

    Written by Tom James

    Christmas is a time when spending can easily get out of control. Even if you haven’t been extravagant, it takes a lot of planning and budgeting to avoid the January Christmas debt hangover. In January last year, around 7.9 million people said they were likely to fall behind with their finances…

  • Don’t Let Black Friday Land You in Debt!

    Written by PayPlan

    Christmas is on the horizon and many people will be out bargain hunting this weekend on Black Friday & Cyber Monday… Get savvy with the ‘special offers’! Every year shoppers in the UK raid both the high street and the Internet to pick up cheap deals in the US-inspired shopping…

  • car on finance

    How Do You Get a Car on Finance?

    Written by PayPlan

    If you’re unable to fund buying a car outright, you may instead look to financing one instead. There are many different types of car finance, so it’s important to consider all your options before getting into an agreement you may struggle to afford further down the line.  Types of car…

  • separation

    How to protect yourself financially in a separation

    Written by PayPlan

    It’s likely not going to be the first thing on your mind post-separation, but sorting out your financial situation quickly is essential after a breakup. If your separation didn’t happen under the best terms, acting quickly will give you the best chance of protecting yourself financially in a separation, and…

  • redundancy

    Redundancy Pay: What Are You Entitled To?

    Written by PayPlan

    What is redundancy? Redundancy is defined as an employer terminating a job role. This is usually done either because the job is no longer needed, or the employer needs to trim down the workforce. Being made redundant is often overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to try and make the process…

  • Talk Money Week

    Stag do’s don’t have to be dear

    Written by Emmanuelle Kopliku

    Waving goodbye to one of your comrades as they take the well-trodden walk into matrimony can be a difficult experience, with the prospect of frequent 4am finishes and afternoons organised around Soccer Saturday firmly becoming a thing of the past. Organising your best mate’s Stag Do acts as a fine…

  • Pension Awareness Day

    Be Mindful of your Money this Pension Awareness Day

    Written by Tom James

    What is Pension Awareness Day? Pension Awareness Day is an event that aims to promote the importance of saving for the future. Launched in 2014 by Pension Geeks, the initiative offers online and face-to-face advice for people to find out more about pensions and to help them prepare for their…

  • summer holidays

    The Rising Cost of The Summer Holidays

    Written by Sam Critten

    The summer holidays should be one of the happiest times of the year for families. Children are set free from their school routine for six weeks, giving parents the chance the chance to enjoy some quality family time on days out, holidays or short trips away. As many of us…

  • Covering Funeral Costs: Your Options

    Written by Will Lyon

    Covering funeral costs may be the last thing on your mind after the death of a loved one. Unfortunately it’s something most of us will have to face at some point in our lives. Many people struggle to cover these expenses, and when the average cost of a funeral in…

  • Is Your Money Covered by a Bank?

    Written by Will Lyon

    Indeed, we all want to make sure our money is safe in the bank. Luckily, there are various savings protection schemes in place which serve to make sure your cash is covered by a bank. Will these schemes affect me? Is your bank registered in the UK by either the…

  • buy now pay later

    How To Lower Credit Card Interest

    Written by Will Lyon

    Do you feel you were sucked in by an introductory interest rate? Have these rates risen to a point where you’re struggling to make the repayments? There are a number of things you can do to lower your interest rate and reduce the chances of credit card debt. Be it…