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Money Management 16 Jun 2020

How to tackle gambling in football today

After a long break due to coronavirus, competitive top-flight football in England is back on our screens. From Wednesday 17th June, there will be at least 8,280 minutes of Premier League football played across the remaining 92 games, and every…

Debt Facts 2 Dec 2019

Do you Pay Tax on Redundancy Pay?

Redundancy can be a difficult time, especially if you loved your job and it was bringing in a suitable income for your lifestyle. Find out how redundancy can affect you when it comes to tax and other factors. What is redundancy…

Archive 20 Jul 2016

How long can my creditors chase me?

A question that I often come across from people struggling to pay their debts is "how long can my creditors chase me?" The answer is until you have paid them what you owe. However, if communication between the debtor and…

Debt Facts 28 Jan 2013

Top five questions about… Debt Management Plans.

A Debt Management Plan, or a DMP, is an informal agreement between you and your creditors. When looking for a suitable solution for your debts it can be a daunting experience and many people contacting us have lots of questions.…

Competitions 10 Jan 2013

Can I go bankrupt for free?

For those seeking help with their debts bankruptcy is often seen as the quick and easy solution. Some people also believe it is free. However, this is not the case. Let us explain…

Debt Facts 13 Jul 2012

How do I… apply for a Trust Deed?

For people living in Scotland they have other debt solutions available to them to help when they are in financial difficulty. A Trust Deed is one of these solutions and allows you to pay your creditors back at an affordable…

Archive 10 Feb 2011

Bailiffs – who are they?

A bailiff is someone who is employed by the courts to take your possessions in order to sell them and give the money to your creditor to pay back the debt that you owe them. The court would only send…

Archive 23 Aug 2010

5 Ways To Save On Your Fuel Consumption

5 tips to cut the costs of your fuel bill With fuel prices set to increase, why not follow Payplan’s money saving tips to help reduce your petrol or diesel costs. 1. Find the cheapest petrol near you You can find the cheapest…

Archive 30 Jun 2009

‘Debt Sale Scams Beware’ Warns Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is warning consumers not to be taken in by businesses claiming to help them become debt free by ‘buying’ or ‘selling on’ their debts. Consumer Liable Even If Debt Is ‘Sold’ Online advertising has…

Archive 22 May 2009

Debt Counsellor Of The Year – Credit Today Awards 2009

Grantham, UK 19 May 2009 - Payplan's specialist money adviser Diane Watson, has been voted 'Debt Counsellor of the Year' award by Credit Today awards in London. The judges recognised her twelve years experience and debt counselling expertise - and…

Competitions 14 Jul 2008

How To Get Help With Bankruptcy Fees

Update: a new version of this blog is now available by clicking here I want to go bankrupt but I can’t afford the fees and so I’ll end up paying my debts for the rest of my life. How can…

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