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A question that regularly crops up from our clients is “can I reclaim mis-sold PPI?” The answer is quite simply, yes. Being in a DMP does not make the reclaiming process any more complicated, as opposed to those that are not in plans or have cleared the balance on the account in question.


In April 2011 UK banks lost a judicial review, which ruled in favour of the consumers and allowed people to claim for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. This, at the time, was predicted to cost the banks more than £4 billion.

Was I mis-sold?

The mis-selling of PPI may be defined as one, or more, but not limited to the following:

  • You did not ask for the policy
  • You did not want the policy
  • You did not need the policy
  • You were self-employed, retired or unemployed
  • You were told the policy was compulsory
  • You have a pre-existing medical condition

Whether you reclaim PPI yourself or through a claims management company you need to be aware that if you make a successful claim then the funds may be used to pay off what you owe the Lender.

With this being said, the creditors do work on a case by case basis and may send you the full payment.

If you believe that you were mis-sold PPI and would like to look into reclaiming, you can either do it by yourself or through a claims management company. To find out more about this then please speak to your case officer if you are already a Payplan client, or log into your Payplan Plus account.