Chris (36) had over £80,000 worth of debt when he reached out to PayPlan for help over 6 years ago.

His debt problems started when his commission based job changed. Chris was a wealthy man with a large income of over £100,000 per year, but unexpectedly his key clients left the organisation. As an individual, he relied on them to supplement his income.

He said: ‘They were my cash cows, and so when they collapsed at the same time so did my income’

After taking a pay cut, Chris continued to spend money as if he had his old income, and continued to do so until one day when he knew he couldn’t carry on.

‘I had a great life but I was silly with it because it [money] was easy come, easy go!’

The year Chris took the pay cut, was also the year that his baby son was born. Paying for childcare inevitably took further strain on their family and his wife had to give up work in order to look after him.

He said: ‘It’s not easy, it’s horrible in fact!’ Once he reached out to PayPlan, we set up an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) for Chris, where he could pay back a manageable amount each month into the plan.

He said: ‘From the minute I spoke to them [PayPlan] they were really clear and concise. They walked me through every step of the way, and never over promised anything’.

Reflecting back, Chris is happy to have a debt free life ahead of him.

‘I know what’s important to me now, and moving forward I know to never get a monthly £1000 lease on a car!’

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