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Debt Facts 6 Jun 2018

What’s the difference between debt and credit?

There are times when you may feel like you can’t get away from credit card and loan advertisers, offering no end of tempting deals. But behind the slogans, it can be difficult to work out whether a product is right…

Money Management 23 Apr 2018

Our favourite cheap food items!

If you’re looking at ways to cut your monthly costs, one thing you can’t do without is food! But that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on takeaways and the finest brands in the supermarket… you can still eat well…

Living in Debt 19 Apr 2018

Our Debt Heroes Top Tips for coping with stress

April 2018 is Stress Awareness Month, and here at PayPlan we understand how stressful managing your finances can be, particularly if you find yourself struggling to make up payments. It is important to understand stress, the causes and the triggers…

Living in Debt 21 Dec 2017

Case Study – Chris

Chris (36) had over £80,000 worth of debt when he reached out to PayPlan for help over 6 years ago. His debt problems started when his commission based job changed. Chris was a wealthy man with a large income of…

Competitions 19 Feb 2013

How to avoid the payday loan trap.

At Payplan we are seeing more people who have multiple payday loans calling us as they find themselves in the payday loan trap. People are finding it difficult to manage their finances and find themselves using a short term loans.…

Living in Debt 26 Nov 2012

Why do creditors issue default notices?

Receiving a default notice through your letterbox from one of your creditors can be upsetting and stressful, especially if you do not know what it is, why they sent it and what you need to do.

Living in Debt 1 Oct 2012

What to do if you fall into arrears with your… utility bills.

In these tough economic times, families are finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of their monthly outgoings. According to statistics on IncomeMax 4.75million households in the UK are living in fuel poverty. With this many people in poverty,…

Living in Debt 21 Sep 2012

Credit Rating Myths

Credit ratings and reports are complete minefields with so much incorrect information available. Whether you are looking to take out credit or trying to repay debts it is important you understand your credit report and how it works.

Debt Facts 13 Jul 2012

How do I… apply for a Trust Deed?

For people living in Scotland they have other debt solutions available to them to help when they are in financial difficulty. A Trust Deed is one of these solutions and allows you to pay your creditors back at an affordable…

Money Management 11 Jul 2012

How do I… get out of debt and stay out of debt?

Getting into debt can be easy, one thing leads to another or something unexpected occurs and things spiral out of control. Before you know it, you are no longer able to afford all of your creditor commitments. Getting out of…

Living in Debt 4 Jul 2012

What should I do about my council tax arrears?

In recent years at Payplan we have seen a rise in the number of clients coming to us owing council tax arrears. This is often due to a number of factors, including a drop in income or an unforeseen increase…

Debt Facts 2 May 2012

Right to Offset

One of the most important things to do when you are in debt is to change your bank account. If you owe money to the same bank that your wages or other income is paid into then they are entitled…

Archive 4 Jun 2010

5 Ways to Cut Your Bills

Can you cut your bills? The following bill cutting tips could help you save money on your monthly outgoings. Click here for further budgeting advice 1. Cut your TV package Ask yourself this question; do you really watch all the…

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