In these tough economic times, families are finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of their monthly outgoings. According to statistics on Income Max 4.75million households in the UK are living in fuel poverty. With this many people in poverty, it is easy to understand why so many find themselves in arrears.

It is reported, by Income Max, that two million households are currently repaying energy bill arrears, while £1.6billion of water bill revenue goes unpaid each year.

With winter fast approaching and energy prices continuing to rise, if you suddenly find yourself in arrears with your gas, electricity or water then this guide could help you.

  • As soon as you are aware of any arrears on your utilities you should contact your provider as soon as possible to update them with your circumstances. As soon as they are aware of any financial difficulties that you are having they can then begin to help you find a solution.
  • If you are finding it harder to pay your bills then it may be a good idea to work out all your incoming and outgoing’s to see where your money is going. This should help you budget, point out any areas where you need to cut back and identify any surplus to repay the arrears.
  • If you are struggling to pay other debts as well as your arrears, then you can contact Payplan for free debt advice. We could look at solutions such as a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. To contact us call 0800 316 1833 or fill in our online form and we will call you back.

Are you struggling to pay your utility bills? Are you worried about turning on the heating this winter? Tell us your views, and if you have any tips then please share them and helps others.