5 Ways to Cut Your Bills

Written by PayPlan on 4 June 2010

Can you cut your bills?

The following bill cutting tips could help you save money on your monthly outgoings. Click here for further budgeting advice

1. Cut your TV package

Ask yourself this question; do you really watch all the channels you subscribe to? If the answer is no, then maybe you should consider cutting your sky or digital packages back to basics – and watch your bill reduce. Many programmes can now be watched online but if you would still prefer the extra channels why not consider a Freeview package? Some televisions have Freeview already integrated and so you may be receiving many of the channels for free already without even knowing.

2. Cut your phone bill

At the beginning of the year Payplan reported results of a study that showed the average adult wasted almost half (45%) of their mobile tariff’s minutes and text allowance each month, totalling almost £250 in waste each year. If you think you could reduce your mobile monthly allowance, why not contact your network provider to see if you can lower your tariff and cut your monthly bill.

3. Cut your magazine subscriptions

A variety of magazines actually upload most of their content online now and so you can view most of what you would pay to read, for free! Magazine subscriptions add up over time, with a £1.50 weekly magazine costing almost £80 over a year!

4. Compare the market

Market comparison sites are great for finding the cheapest deal on your monthly bills. Compare the Market, GoCompare and Money Supermarket are a few of the well-known providers (there are many others) – all specialise in searching for the cheapest deals from car insurance to broadband. My Supermarket also allows you to scan the supermarkets for the cheapest deals.

5. Haggle

If you feel you are paying too much for your television, mobile or broadband package, it may be worth contacting your provider and asking directly about cutting your bills or reducing your monthly contract – you may find they are willing to provide you with a similar package but at a reduced rate – after all, its always worth asking. Payplan If you are struggling to manage your monthly outgoings then contact Payplan for free debt advice online or simply call 0800 280 2816.

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