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In other news 28 Sep 2021

Facing the end of furlough and the future

At the end of this month the Government’s Job Retention Scheme is set to end. The scheme has been a lifeline to millions of businesses and employees across the UK and has saved many people from being made redundant –…

In other news 10 Sep 2021

How PayPlan is supporting all referral partners post-pandemic

The pandemic has highlighted the need to pull together even more, and we’ve been working with all our referral partners to ensure their clients are able to access free and confidential debt advice, when they need it.

In other news 2 Mar 2021

From one budget, to another

The 2021 Budget is a time for government to set out their spending plans for the year ahead. But, much like the rest of the year, the nation’s ongoing health and finances crisis is likely to take centre stage.So, to…

In other news 18 Jan 2021

How to beat Blue Monday in 5 steps

What is Blue Monday?Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year. But, spoiler alert, it is nothing more than a 16-year old marketing idea that has gone viral every year since it was made up.…

In other news 11 Nov 2020

Let’s talk money!

Between 9-13 November, the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), runs its national Talk Money Week annual campaign to encourage us to all open up about money. Having the confidence to speak out, or knowing who to turn to, can really…

In other news 7 Aug 2020

Demand rises for National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Earlier this month, Refuge announced that its helpline has received more than 40,000 calls and contacts since the start of lockdown. June saw a 77% increase in contacts to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline and an 800% increase in website…

In other news 25 Mar 2020

Emergency employment available during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to an increasing number of people coming to us for money advice. Many have had their income affected in some way, with some having lost theirs altogether. If you’ve been affected by either redundancy or…

Competitions 8 Nov 2019

PayPlan Joins Collaboration to Tackle Financial Harms

GamCare, the leading national provider of gambling support, has launched a new collaborative initiative to tackle financial harms caused by problem gambling. PayPlan will be working hard to play a key part in this initiative and help those struggling financially.This…

In other news 21 Oct 2019

Filing For Divorce: What Costs are Involved?

Filing for divorce: What costs are involved? Separation is a stressful time for everyone involved, not least because of the financial pressure it brings. If divorce is the only way to go, you’ll need to account for any associated costs,…

In other news 17 Oct 2019

Can you be made redundant while your job still exists?

Being made redundant can be a stressful experience, and if you’ve got bills to pay and a family to look after it can be particularly distressing. Whilst there are many reasons for being made redundant, unfortunately it might be the…

Debt Facts 22 Jul 2019

How Effective Are Debt Management Plans?

 What is a DMP? How effective are Debt Management Plans? A Debt Management Plan (DMP for short), is a way for you to pay back your unsecured personal debt.  Usually set up and managed by a debt management company or…

In other news 7 Jan 2019

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is an annually-changing date in January that is widely recognised in the UK as being the most miserable day of the year. The day was devised in 2005 and is based on pseudoscientific factors – beliefs, not accurate…

In other news 21 Dec 2018

7 of the best hangover cures

No one likes a hangover, but at this time of year but you may find yourself waking up with a sore head on more than one occasion! Unfortunately, there’s no definite ’cure’ for a hangover. The good news is that…

In other news 5 Nov 2018

Spotting the signs of problem gambling

Every year we speak to hundreds of clients who are facing financial problems due to gambling. This isn’t a fiver here and there on an accumulator at weekends, or the occasional flutter on the roulette, though. Problem gambling, which is…

In other news 8 Oct 2018


Here, Experian credit expert James Jones tells us about the importance of your credit score..A survey for this year’s Credit Awareness Week revealed that more than a quarter of Brits claim they know their current credit score, showing that a…

In other news 8 Dec 2017

Festive Opening Hours

If you need to talk to someone regarding your finances or living a debt free life then PayPlan are here for you. Please note that we have reduced opening times over the Christmas period, please see below for our opening…

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