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The Coronavirus outbreak has led to an increasing number of people coming to us for money advice. Many have had their income affected in some way, with some having lost theirs altogether.

If you’ve been affected by either redundancy or a loss of income if you’re self-employed, Britain’s supermarkets have a job for you.  

If your job has been affected by Coronavirus, see our employment section for more information

Look to retail

Supermarkets are being pushed to their limits. Thousands of shoppers have been flocking to stock up on household essentials, worried that in future they might be in short supply.

Many onlookers then see the empty shelves as a sign that food and toiletries are running out — that we’ve exhausted our resources as a result of panic-buying.

The reality is perhaps best summed up by Daniel O’Toole, CEO of the UK’s largest retail merchandisers. He states that:

“There is no shortage of food, simply a shortage of people to get it onto the shelves”

That’s why Morrisons, Aldi, and many others are offering out thousands of new jobs to meet the recent surge in demand. [1]

Use your skills

After the closure of pubs and restaurants last Friday, many are now out of work. This not only applies to bartenders and waiting staff; many self-employed shop owners are left without footfall, a result of recent social distancing laws.

If you’ve lost your job because of Coronavirus and need financial help, see our benefits section for more information.

If you’re used to working in a retail or hospitality environment, you’ll have all the skills to succeed in a supermarket role, and you’ve likely mastered the art of service with a smile!

University student Tracy Landu claims she applied for a job at 7pm, to then receive an offer only 3 hours later![2] By stacking shelves and operating tills, you could be providing for yourself and your family in no time at all.

Flexible shifts

A variety of shift patterns are available, with allowances being made for family responsibilities. So, if you’ve recently lost your income, why not consider putting yourself forward?

In these uncertain times, what you can be sure of is that everyone needs feeding. As a result, you’ll have a new level of job security as a bona fide key worker.

How to apply

If you’d like to apply, there are many ways you can do so:

Apps such as myflex allow you to input your availability, as well as how many hours you’d ideally like to work.

Alternatively, you can visit any of the supermarkets’ websites and apply directly to them. Of course, you can always do it the old-fashioned way — pop in store with your CV and see what hours they need covering!

By working at your local supermarket, you’ll be putting food on the table in more ways than one.