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Details of the competitions that we have. – Note: please check date of entry and T&C’s

  • Home Repossessions And Possessions

    Written by PayPlan

    As a homeowner or tenant, it’s natural to be worried about what would happen if you fall behind on your mortgage or rent. Unemployment, illness or a sudden drop in income can soon make monthly payments unmanageable, especially if you don’t have savings and/or you’re living with a lot of…

  • Facebook Competition Winner Announcement

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    Well after 3 weeks, over 1100 entries and much baited breath, we are pleased to announce the winner of our inaugural Living Room competition! Judging the competition was quite the challenge with more than 25 shortlisted in the final round of judging.

  • Some facts about bankruptcy

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    Bankruptcy is not an easy subject to discuss and that can make it difficult to understand. At Payplan we are often asked about bankruptcy and, although we do not specifically deal with it on behalf of our clients, we want to highlight what it entails.Some of the key questions we…

  • How to avoid the payday loan trap.

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    At Payplan we are seeing more people who have multiple payday loans calling us as they find themselves in the payday loan trap. People are finding it difficult to manage their finances and find themselves using a short term loans. However, some people are then getting trapped in the cycle…

  • Can I go bankrupt for free?

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    For those seeking help with their debts bankruptcy is often seen as the quick and easy solution. Some people also believe it is free. However, this is not the case. Let us explain…

  • Top five questions on… Bailiffs

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    Bailiffs can be one of the biggest worries if you are in debt. The potential threat from a creditor can leave you fearing what could happen if they send bailiffs round. The biggest problem many people have is that they do not understand bailiffs, so it is fear of the…

  • What do I do if I received an Attachment of Earnings?

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    If you have been issued with a County Court Judgement (CCJ), you must maintain payments to the creditor until the debt has been cleared in full. However, if the payments stop, your creditor can apply to the court to have them taken directly from your wages. This is called an…

  • I can’t afford bankruptcy.

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    If you don't have any assets or a job that is easily affected then the chances are bankruptcy is an option for you. Many people choose to avoid bankruptcy as they have a home or other assets to protect, they have a job that would be at risk or they…

  • How To Get Help With Bankruptcy Fees

    Written by Payplan Ryan

    Update: a new version of this blog is now available by clicking here I want to go bankrupt but I can’t afford the fees and so I’ll end up paying my debts for the rest of my life. How can I get help with bankruptcy fees? It may seem a…