If you have been issued with a County Court Judgement (CCJ), you must maintain payments to the creditor until the debt has been cleared in full. However, if the payments stop, your creditor can apply to the court to have them taken directly from your wages. This is called an Attachment of Earnings. If a creditor wishes to pursue an Attachment of Earnings, you will receive a N56 form from the court. You are required to complete this form and make an offer of payment.  If it is accepted, you make the agreed payments to your creditors and your employer is not notified. However, if your offer is rejected, the Attachment of Earnings may be applied, and this decision is down to the court. The court will contact your employer to arrange the payments. These will be taken directly from your salary each time you are paid. There may be a £1 administration fee on top of each payment as your employer is entitled to charge this, however it isn’t mandatory. If you fail to return the paperwork, you may be summoned to a court hearing. Once you have paid the debt in full you can ask for the attachment to be suspended. If you change employer then you will be responsible for contacting the court to notify them of your new employer’s details. [cta]