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Archive 28 Oct 2011

Debt Write Off – Trick or Treat?

We've all seen the adverts on TV that claim they can get your debts written off. Some people receive phone calls, others get letters or text messages from companies that claim they can write off debts - anything from 90%…

Archive 25 Oct 2011


Two of the most common debt solutions that our clients opt for are DMPs and IVAs. They are two very different options and many people have to choose between the two.

Archive 18 Oct 2011

Top tips to cut down your energy bills.

This winter it is thought that hundreds of thousands of families will struggle with their energy bills after seeing a huge hike in the cost of fuel over the course of the summer.

Archive 11 Oct 2011

Am I in a DMP or an IVA?

Time and time again I come across people in a particular plan, who are under the assumption that they are in a completely different plan. In my experience this is down to either miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Archive 8 Sep 2011

Over 65 and still working!

It was recently suggested that a third of people over the age of 65 years head into retirement with debts of around £25,000 according to The Guardian.

Archive 6 Sep 2011

Too cool for school?

It is that time of year again as we pack the children back off to school. On one hand we are relieved to have a bit of peace and quiet and a bit of normality back, but on the other…

Archive 4 Aug 2011

Payday Loans – Good or Bad?

There always seems to be a large amount of controversy surrounding Payday Loans. With high interest rates, quick repayment time and easy availability, Payday Loans can often be the downfall of many people in debt.

Archive 20 Jul 2011

Gambling & Debt

It is thought that some 68% of the UK population participate in some form of gambling activity over a one year period.

Archive 12 Jul 2011

Debt: Perception versus Reality

The aim of the survey was for us to gage what people’s perceptions of debt are. It is usually the case that people’s perceptions are a lot different to the reality, this survey turned out to show exactly that.

Archive 21 Jun 2011

A Clients Story: Kevin

It started a few years ago. Our bank accounts were being maxed out and to pay our bills we had to use our credit cards.

Archive 17 May 2011

Dealing with depression and debt

It was recently suggested by the BBC that over the last four years prescriptions for anti-depressants have risen by over 40% due to people struggling with debt and with job worries fuelled by our current economic problems.

Archive 4 May 2011

Your Credit Report…

Your credit report can help decide whether you are given credit or not and holds all the information a creditor needs to make that decision.

Archive 5 Apr 2011

What is a Full & Final IVA

If for whatever reason you have received a sum of money, no matter how small or large, you may be able to use that to pay your creditors in a Full & Final IVA. Today I am going to explain…

Archive 21 Mar 2011

Hiding Debts From Your Partner?

Whether the debts built up before you met your partner, or whether the debts occurred when together, hiding something from your partner can put immense strain on your relationship.

Archive 11 Mar 2011

Weekly Debt Question

I am already in debt; I might as well take out more credit.

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