For this blog I wanted to do something a little different. We help thousands of clients each year with their debts problems. Each and every client that comes to us has a story to tell for how they found themselves in the situation they are now in. Today Kevin shares his story…

It started a few years ago. Our bank accounts were being maxed out and to pay our bills we had to use our credit cards.

We looked into how our accounts were being used and we noticed that there were transactions that we did not recognise. We contacted our bank who was not willing to help and said that unless we could prove that we had not spent the money we would have to bear the cost.

My wife and I spent weeks trying to find out where the money was going and getting enough evidence to prove that we were right and we even contacted the relevant stores asking for them to check their CCTV for photos to prove our case. Unfortunately this was no to avail and this carried on for over 18 months.

One day my wife and I were shopping in a supermarket when at the same time in another store someone was charging something else to our accounts. We managed to get a refund of this charge however the bank would still not reconsider our case.

In this time just to pay our bills we had maxed out our credit cards to pay our bills to the tune of about £25,000. We couldn’t afford the payments and we didn’t know where to turn. We were getting phone calls and letters demanding money which we didn’t have.  

We visited our local CAB who were very helpful and suggested we contact PayPlan. We did this and someone went through the details we would need for them to help. After going through all of these details we entered into a DMP and we were able to agree a monthly payment which we are able to afford. We were assigned a Case Officer and a Client Liaison Officer. The interest has been frozen and we no longer get phone calls or letters demanding money.

I visit PayPlan Plus weekly and look at the offers that are on there and they have helped us with our everyday expenses as well. In the recession my salary has decreased and we advised them and our payments were reduced and as and when my salary increases I will pay more into the DMP.

If you are struggling with debts don’t go to a fee paying company ring Payplan as it is free