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Archive 4 Sep 2013

What is the difference between an IVA and a DMP?

What is the difference between an IVA and a DMP? If you are facing debts and are unsure which is the best option to take, we’ve put together a rundown of the important differences between two of the most popular…

Archive 1 Jul 2013

More and more buy-to-let landlords are struggling with debt

Nick Payne, Senior Insolvency Practitioner for Payplan, talks about the rise in buy-to-let investment and what to do if you are a landlord struggling with debt. “The number of buy-to-let landlords is significantly increasing.  House prices are still relatively low,…

Archive 14 Jun 2013

Charity partnership wins Payplan and Advice UK top award

By Sarah Reeve  Payplan has recently won two major awards at the Institute of Money Advisers (IMA) conference for new initiatives aimed at helping people deal with their debt. In the first of two blogs Sarah Reeve, Payplan’s Head of…

Archive 2 May 2013

A day in the life of a Helpline Adviser by Michael Jordan.

Michael tells us about his job as Helpline Adviser and why he is proud to work for Payplan: “Every weekday morning I wake up knowing I will be putting smiles on people’s faces. That’s because I work in Payplan’s Helpline department –…

Archive 1 Aug 2012

The Cheapest Meal in the UK

In these tough financial times, we are looking for ways to cut back wherever possible we can. This isn't a new phenomenon, thought - Victorian domestic goddess, Isabelle Beeton, published a recipe for Britain's cheapest meal in her critically acclaimed…

Archive 29 Jun 2012

A day in the life of… a Client Liaison Officer

I work in the client support department dealing with Debt Management Plans (DMP). My role is to make sure our clients' income and expenditure details are up to date and sustainable and to look for any opportunities to save money…

Archive 1 Jun 2012

What is a Logbook Loan?

Log book loans are a growing trend, with the number of people taking them out increasing by 40% between 2006 and 2009**. With more of these types of loans appearing it is important to understand exactly what they are. Log…

Archive 16 Apr 2012

How do I… apply for a DMP?

A Debt Management Plan, or DMP, is a solution to help people who are struggling with their creditor repayments. A DMP allows you to make one single monthly payment to your creditors.

Archive 11 Apr 2012

Unemployed and in debt

Unemployment has been a big issue throughout the country since the last recession with the latest stats showing that 2.67 million* people over the age of 16 years are currently unemployed, the highest level since 1995. During Chancellor George Osborn's…

Archive 28 Mar 2012

Online Surveys – Are they worth it?

Online surveys seem to becoming more and more popular with posters on forums like Money Saving Expert and IVA.co.uk. Many posters use survey sites to earn points that then turn into vouchers.

Archive 7 Mar 2012

Reducing your outgoings.

In this current climate trying to reduce your outgoings is a constant uphill struggle as it seems on a weekly basis we face rising costs in gas, electricity, water, phone bills, food or fuel. However if you are savvy with…

Archive 5 Mar 2012

Home Decorating on a Budget

In the theme of some recent budgeting blogs, today Ally shares some of her experiences of home decorating on a budget. Please feel free to share you tips as well.

Archive 6 Feb 2012

How is my credit file affected…with a early settlement

A common question I come across daily in my job, is how my credit file is affected when going through the settlements department. When clients come through to our department they often have a lump sum available for example inheritance,…

Archive 25 Jan 2012

How People Are Trapped By Payday Loans

We recently conducted a survey about borrowing over the last 12months. Our infographic highlights the growing number of people that are turning to payday loans.

Archive 22 Dec 2011

Christmas Wishes

From all of us at Payplan we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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