Online surveys seem to becoming more and more popular with posters on forums like Money Saving Expert and Many posters use survey sites to earn points that then turn into vouchers.

How do they work? They work by using a simple format: you register with a survey site and enter details about yourself. These details will then allow the sites database to send you relevant surveys. Once a survey is available to you, you will be asked a series of questions to answer; with the survey times varying but it will usually state how long it should take at the beginning.

How do you get paid? Each survey site is different, as some give a monetary value for each completed survey, while others give a point’s score. Each site will have a threshold for when you can redeem your completed surveys into vouchers. Some sites offer High Street shopping vouchers, while others offer supermarket and retail vouchers. Some do offer payment by cheque; however you may find that the payment threshold is a lot higher.

How do I find these sites? Money Saving Expert has a good list of sites that are worth looking at. The list tells you all that you need to know about each site. Click here to see the list.

Are they worth it? One of our clients wrote to us to give us her opinion on survey sites… “I would like to recommend people signed up to marketing websites for some extra cash in the form of vouchers. I have used Amazon vouchers for purchasing discounted books and even a Kindle (£15.00 six times per annum adds up to nifty money). There is a good choice of vouchers. At the moment I have £20 in J Lewis / Waitrose and expecting £15 any time soon for use at Amazon. I am saving up for new curtains. I have some £15.00 on Nectar card and  £11.50 in Tesco vouchers. All these little sources of vouchers add up to nice sums for extra treats. I have managed to buy lovely furnishings incl. table lamp, dining chairs, fireplace and mirrored coffee table which adds light to my otherwise dark and sparsely furnished living room. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I can be patient.”

Have you ever used a survey site and did you find it worthwhile? Let us know.