Times are hard and many of us are looking to cut back wherever we can, but how many of us would go (or have gone) to this extreme? The toast sandwich is reportedly the cheapest meal in the UK at just 7.5p. It is made up of one piece of toast sandwiched between two deliciously buttered and seasoned pieces of bread. It might sound bland, but on staff tests here at Payplan, the overall verdict was that it is pretty tasty!

It’s a recipe that is one hundred and fifty years old, having first appeared in the famous Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management in 1861. The book made a big impact on the way people lived back in the 1800s. While we’re sure that this revived recipe won’t take the world by storm today, it’s worth a try if you’re trying to save some pennies!

Have you tried or would you try the toast sandwich? If you have any cheaper alternatives than Mrs Beeton’s recipe, please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Payplan Toast Sandwich - Cheapest meal in the UK

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