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  • How to tell your partner you’re in debt

    Written by Payplan

    Approaching the subject of debt is hard at the best of times, but when you need to discuss any big money problems with your partner, we understand that this can be particularly scary – especially if your relationship is just entering a more serious stage.But many people are currently suffering…

  • I Hate to Admit That I Was Wrong

    Written by Skint Dad

    Ricky Willis, author of the award-winning Skint Dad blog, tells us why having access to free debt help and advice is important. I never used to ask anyone for help. I didn't think I needed to. I earned a decent wage, was proud and wanted to spend my money...

  • Our Christmas campaign revealed… #HappyNewYear

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    PayPlan have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading mental health charity’s, SANE, to reveal a Christmas campaign targeting mental health and debt. Our campaign #HappyNewYear looks at the real cost of Christmas and makes you question whether it’s really worth it.

  • Easier ways to manage your money

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    When we start to make efforts to monitor our finances, managing our money becomes a little easier. This week’s blog post looks at the methods you can use to keep track of your accounts and how you can control of your spend.

  • Am I still liable for my debts?

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    We get asked a lot of questions on our blog and our Debt Questions forum about whether people are still liable for their debts. For this week’s blog post we are going to look at some of the most common scenarios people ask about and answer your queries.

  • An Unfortunate Week

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    We've released a new campaign called An Unfortunate Week. It’s an interactive guide showing hypothetical examples of someone subject to bad luck in the week running up to payday. An Unfortunate Week is an eye opening piece that we hope will raise awareness of debt issues and stress the importance…

  • What to do if the bailiffs are on your doorstep?

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    One of the biggest fears people have when they’re in debt is what happens if the bailiffs come? Our latest blog post looks at your rights and whether you need to let them in if they turn up on your doorstep.

  • PayPlan Plus is changing

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    We have relaunched our PayPlan Plus website bringing our clients a new look that is also easier to use. Find out more about what's changed and how PayPlan Plus can benefit you.

  • Is gambling affecting your finances?

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    Is gambling affecting your finances? Our latest blog post is from Gamcare and they offer advice about what you can do and where you can go to get help.

  • Cutting costs: Easy ways to reduce your spend

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    Cutting costs is difficult because while we all want to reduce our spend and save money, we don’t necessarily want to give up on all hopes of a social life and live life on rations. Today’s blog post looks at simple ways you can make cutbacks and save money without…

  • Do I need to open a new bank account?

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    If you’re struggling with your debts and looking at ways you can become debt free, it might have been suggested you open up a new bank account. Today's blog post looks at the bank's right to offset and whether you need to open a new account.

  • What to do if you’re struggling with rent arrears

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    With rent prices rising it is not surprising people are falling behind with payments and finding themselves with arrears. Today’s blog post looks at what to do if you are struggling to pay your rent and how you can regain control of your finances if you miss a couple of…

  • What happens to your debt when…

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    Some of our most common questions often centre around what will happen to debt in different scenarios. For example, what happens to debt when you die? We thought this week’s blog post would be the perfect opportunity to explain how debt is dealt with during specific periods and expose some…

  • Will your partner’s debts affect you?

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    One of the most common concerns our customers express is whether their debts will affect their partner. This detailed blog post discusses marriage and debt and looks at how you and your partner can be financially linked. A useful read for anyone in a relationship.

  • How to Build a New Credit History

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    Once your IVA or debt management plan has finished, you can start your new life after debt. That might mean rebuilding your confidence in your ability to manage your money, but it should definitely include rebuilding your credit score. Here’s our guide to building a new credit history.

  • Helping your child with debt

    Written by Chelsea Potter

    Should you help your child with debt if they are struggling and if so, what support should you give them? Is financial assistance enough? Our latest blog post looks at how you can really help your child with their debt problems.