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Client Stories 15 Mar 2018

Case Study – Diane

Diane (39) reached out to PayPlan for debt help in 2014. Between herself and her husband they found themselves with £45,000 worth of debt. Diane and her partner were applying for adoption. During the process it was explained to them…

Client Stories 6 Mar 2018

Case Study – Katie

Katie (30) reached out to PayPlan when she was 25 years old, and had £12,000 worth of debt. Katie went to university and when she graduated had a student overdraft of £2,000 as well as a credit card. At the…

Client Stories 26 Feb 2018

Case Study – Richard

Richard (38) reached out to PayPlan in 2008 with £15,000 of debt. The company that Richard was working for at the time were unreliable at paying wages. They would sometimes pay employees less one month and more the month after…

Client Stories 15 Feb 2018

Case Study – Scott

Scott (32) came to PayPlan 5 years ago with £6,000 worth of debt. The majority of his debts were with credit cards, payday loans and catalogues. At the time, he was also in a relationship with someone who was constantly…

Client Stories 1 Feb 2018

Case Study – Luke

Luke (44) had around £14,500 worth of debt when he first came to PayPlan in 2010. Luke was in full-time employment, but his partner had a long term illness, which required both financial and emotional support. Although after some time…

Client Stories 17 Oct 2017

Client Case Study – Dave

Dave (49) owed about £55,000 worth of debt to creditors when he reached out to PayPlan for help, over 10 years ago.

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