Saving money by… lift sharing.

Written by Payplan Ryan on 12 November 2012

When you are trying to reduce your outgoings there comes a time when you run out of things that you can cut from your lives. After cancelling your gym membership, downgrading a brand at the supermarket and switching your energy provider, you might be thinking of what you next step could be.

Some would usually suggest leaving the car at home and walk or bike to work, but for some this isn’t possible so how are they supposed to cut their fuel costs? The answer to that is simple…lift sharing.

Lift sharing has become more and more popular over the last few years with more people looking to share the cost of their journey to work with others as the cost of petrol has soared. Some say that you can save up to £2,000* a year on fuel just by sharing your journey to work.

So how does it work? Many work places may have a scheme already in place, so make sure you check with your employer first. If not then you can register your interest on and they then put you in touch with someone who lives near you. Not only will lift sharing reduce the cost of petrol but it will also help with…

  • Reducing wear and tear on your car, this will help reduce the amount that you spend each year on new tyres, servicing and other maintenance repairs.
  • Reducing the number of miles you do per year, which could have a knock on effect on the cost of your car insurance.

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