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Help ensure children affected by Chernobyl receive recuperative care

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We at Payplan are very passionate about helping the children of Chernobyl. Our Managing Director Philip Rann has taken the time to write a letter to you to explain why and how you can help. Please take the time to read and sign the petition.

Thank you.


Dear Visitor,

We ask that you spare two minutes to sign a petition to ensure that children affected by the Chernobyl disaster continue to receive recuperative care

In 1986 a catastrophic nuclear accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant in the Ukraine.  The explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe.  The poisonous air has had severe consequences and caused poor health, high risks of cancers particularly thyroid cancer and a high death rate to the citizens of Chernobyl.  Furthermore, the poisons remain air born and still cause ill health.

To eradicate some of the health dangers, many charities have been set up throughout the UK to bring children across to the UK to breathe in clean air.  The children come across for a month at a time and stay with UK based volunteer host families.  The results of this are immediate and remarkable as children go home with healthier complexions and weight gain.  Most importantly it has been proven that this valuable opportunity DOES boost immune systems, giving long term results and renewed hope.

Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has allowed the children to travel under gratis visas but from March 2013 it is proposed that this will end.  This will mean that already heavily burdened charities will have to find another £86 per child to enable a child to be brought across to the UK.  The impact will be drastic and mean that fewer children will benefit from a break in the UK and the worst case scenario is that smaller charities will close due to insufficient funds.

A petition has been created to support the withdrawal of these plans and totemic is supporting this by encouraging employees to sign the petition.  We would also like to extend this to all of our clients and would greatly appreciate if you could spare two minutes of your time by going to the following link and show your support by putting your name forward too:

Every signature makes a difference in ensuring that cuts are not made and that the children of Chernobyl are given a fighting opportunity to live a better quality of life.

Yours Sincerely

Philip Rann


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