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Unsecured debts - Scotland - RBS - Sleepless nights 2019-03-16 18:42:06
Hi there.

Looking for some advice. First of all I'm in a complete mess and embarrassed to be in this situation :(

My husband died ten years ago which led to me recieving a widows pension . I've since met someone else and remarried so therefore I've lost my pension. I am not working at the moment at 30 weeks pregnant and relied on my pension before this. I wasn't even aware I would loose my pension if I remarried. I lost my husband in awful circumstances and my family dealt with everything re pensions etc. Completely ignorant of me not to know but a genuine mistake .

I am now in a position where I have 11k of unsecured debt and no idea where to start. I own my house outright but don't want to loose it for the sake of my little girl and baby on the way. currently looking into adding my new husband to title deeds and releasing some money from house via remortgage to pay my debt off as i can't see another option other than selling my home. I have a meeting with money experts at cab but have been told it can take 5 weeks . Debt is all with RBS and live in Scotland .Feeling completely overwhelmed and no idea what to do or where to start.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Unsecured debts - Scotland - RBS - Jane 2019-03-18 18:44:51
There are options north of the border which do not yet exist in England and Wales. There is something called the debt arrangement scheme in which you might be able to enter a debt payment programme. Would your husband be willing to go through a joint income and expenditure with you ensuring that all his debts are paid and if there is anything left over to try to enter one of these? The CAB should be able to advise on this as you should never go to a provider who charges fees - if you are considering adding him to the deeds and thus he would benefit from any equity this may be an avenue to explore first. You do need to discuss this with him and have a look at the Scottish section at and read the factsheet on the Debt Arrangement Scheme. I have suggested this as you have told me you are not working and re pregnant but are you receiving any maternity pay or anything like this?



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