Our online money tool, BudgetSmart, helps you maximise your income, reduce your spending and find savings in every corner of your finances.

The interactive tool has hundreds of money-saving tips across eight core categories, including support with energy and water bills, help with broadband and phone costs, and guidance with childcare and education grants.

Whether users are behind on regular payments, facing the prospect of debt or want to make every penny count, BudgetSmart can be used to support people at various stages of their financial journey.

Created as part of our response to the cost of living crisis, Rachel Duffey, our CEO, said: “BudgetSmart provides essential information for people facing unavoidable costs and was designed to empower individuals facing the challenges of everyday life. Whether that’s transport to work, a weekly food shop, childcare, or costs around education – no matter a person’s situation, BudgetSmart can provide support or point you in the right direction.

“As a proactive financial tool, BudgetSmart aligns with PayPlan’s commitment to providing holistic support for individuals navigating all kinds of financial challenges. It also caters to those who want to increase their income and encourages users to assess their entitlement to benefits, ensuring they receive the full income they are entitled to.”

Income maximisation and help with energy bills are among the most popular support areas. Our survey taken in 2023 also revealed that 45% of customers who use BudgetSmart save between £26-50 per month as a result.

To find out if BudgetSmart could help you cut your costs, you can visit the BudgetSmart web app. If you’re worried about your finances and need free debt advice, we can help. Contact us on 0800 316 1833 to get started or visit payplan.com