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Managing your money made easy

PayPlan have over 25 years' experience of helping people manage their finances. We can help you create a new budget and find a solution that works for you.

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All our information is 100% free, confidential and no-obligation

If money is a bit of a struggle for you at the moment, you’re not alone. The pandemic has had a huge effect on finances across the UK, and with living costs rising, many people are worried about how this might impact their budget.

We’ve teamed up with your bank to bring you information on how you can maximise your income, manage your budget and understand all aspects of your finances.

Handy budgeting tools

Reduce your spending

Cutting costs on your everyday essentials and reducing other areas of spending

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Make the most of your money

Maximise your income with our benefits checker and other ways to make more money.

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Types of credit and debt

Learn about different types of debts and how you should tackle them.

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Financial goals

Have you ever thought how money makes you feel, or how much money you need to achieve your life goals? Set them today.

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Useful links

Need specialist support? We don't stop at debt advice. We work closely with a number of wellbeing organisations who provide free, additional help.

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