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Barclaycard rant - Sanni 2019-01-04 17:28:37
I am having problems with Barclaycard due to me going on a repayment plan due to financial problems (health) in 2016. It was only 250 pounds. The agreed minimum payment per month was 19 pounds. I paid this amount every month until the last month, when my balance was £23.45. Stupidly (I was using my mobile app) I clicked on pay the balance (thinking yay I am done, it was only £4 extra). So I received the letter from them saying that I have cleared my balance. And so I never used it again, because I was scared to go in debt again (even though I probably would have been fine since I am in a better financial position). I never needed it again and I had outgoing debits on my debit card. So we would like to move, but the application and tenancy fees are ridiculous, so November 2018 I thought I would phone Barclaycard customer service (from the app!) to see what's going on with my card and whether I could have credit again. And possibly increase my limit, as I have a much better annual income now... So the advisor said the plan never ended... Even though I paid it and he couldn't explain why, said a team would look into it. I asked for my pin as the app wouldn't give it to me (he could not send it to me either) and he said I should be able to use it for online purchases in the mean time. I never tried, as I was waiting for their response. Which never came. Today, I thought I 'd phone them up and try again. I was told that because I paid the full amount outstanding (£23.45) and not the agreed amount, my plan never ended and I can't ever use it again. I said that's ridiculous! She advised to try to go to my local branch and see what happens, but that she 'tried her best' and her supervisor said no. I tried to find the letter as proof, but I must have misplaced it, as I have recently moved. On my statement it states that I should pay at least £19! Not exactly that amount! So since January 2018, I have been on a plan(incorrect) until now. And it has affected my credit score. Now when I tried to pre apply for another (any) Barclaycard, I am being rejected. Even with my new annual salary. I said to her that I am really unhappy and I feel like I was penalised for paying the outstanding balance(good right?!). And that I will close my accounts and join another bank. I also mentioned my credit score being obliterated by their glitch (unfairly) and she said that if I had responded or phoned them, I wouldn't have this problem. What can I do?

Re: Barclaycard rant - Jane 2019-01-09 17:43:51
You should ask them for a copy of their complaints policy and make an official complaint as the debt is cleared. If the response from them is not satisfactory then you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman and ask for them to investigate this and point out how much frustration, inconvenience and distress this has caused.



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