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Old British Gas Debt - Daniel 2018-11-29 13:13:26
I have recently been chased for a debt from British gas for a flat I left in 2011, they originally wanted over £5k as they claimed it was over a period from up until 2014. I complained and they have now reduced the debt to £900 saying this is what was outstanding when I moved out in 2011. Can they still chase this money as until now they have been chasing a debt which I have always maintained was not mine?

Re: Old British Gas Debt - Jane 2018-11-30 14:49:26
The "statute of limitations" on unsecured debt is six years from last payment or acknowledgement in writing of the debt. After this although the money is still owed they cannot chase you for it through the courts. If you have always maintained you do not owe this money - and there is nothing to prove that you did - then it may be statute barred but it looks as if you owe some of it. You will have proof of when you left the property and when you arrived and that is the period you are liable for as long as this is clear in your contract with them. They should have proof if you do and as you have been querying the difference it looks as if the debt is not statute barred. However, I am not in a position to comment on the accuracy as I do not know the whole situation so I would suggest you go to your local Citizens Advice with all the paperwork you have and seek and appointment there.



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