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#75712 Debt Questions Forum Abbreviation List

This list contains the main abbreviations you will find being used on the forum.

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AA = Alcoholics Anonymous
AIB = Accountant in Bankruptcy
AO = Administration Order
AoB = Attachment of Benefits
AoE = Attachment of Earning Order
AST = Assured Shorthold Tenancy


BI = Beneficial Interest
BO = Bankruptcy Order Note this opens as a pdf!
Br = Bankruptcy
BRO = Bankruptcy Restriction Order
BRU = Bankruptcy Restriction Undertaking


CA = Careers Allowance
CA = Child Allowance
CA = Cocaine Anonymous
CAB = Citizens Advice Bureau
CB = Child Benefit
CC = Credit Card
CCA 06 = Consumer Credit Act
CCA 74 = Consumer Credit Act
CCCS = Consumer Credit Counselling Service
CCF = Court Claim Form
CCJ = County Court Judgement
CCS = County Court Summons
CDDA = Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986
CFP =Charge for Payment
CO = Charging Order
COS = Certificate of Satisfaction
CPA = Continuous Payment Authority on a Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account
CRA = Credit Reference Agency
CRF = Credit Reference File
CSA = Child Support Agency
CSA = Credit Services Association
CT = Council Tax (see your own local authority website)
CTB = Council Tax Benefit (see your own local authority website)
CTC = Child Tax Credit
CTF = Child Tax Fund
CVA = Company Voluntary Agreement


DAS = Debt Arrangement Scheme
DCA = Debt Collecting Agency
DCA = Department of Constitutional Affairs
DD = Direct Debit
DDA = Disability Discrimination Act
DLA = Disability Living Allowance
DMC = Debt Management Company
DMP = Debt Management Plan
DPA = Data Protection Act
DPTC = Disabled persons Tax Credit Replaced by Working Tax Credits
DQ = Debt Questions
DQF = Debt Questions Forum
DRO = Debt Restriction Order
DTI = Department of Trade and Industry
DVLA = Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
DWP = Department of Works and Pensions


EA = Enterprise Act 2002
EU = European Union
EX160 = Application for a fee exemption or remission of court fees Note this opens as a pdf!
EXR = Examiner (who works in the Official Receivers Office)


F&F =Full and Final Settlement
Form 6.27 = Debtors Petition for bankruptcy Opens as a pdf document
Form 6.28 = Statement of Affairs (Debtors Petition) Opens as a pdf document
FOS = Financial Ombudsman’s Service
FS = Financial Statement
FSA = Financial Services Authority
FTVA = Fast Track Voluntary Arrangement


GA = Gamblers Anonymous


HB = Housing Benefit (see your own local authority website)
HMRC = Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
HP = Hire Purchase


I&E = Income and Expenses
IA = Informal Arrangement
IA86 = Insolvency Act 1986
IB = Incapacity Benefit
IC = Information Commissioner
ICO = Information Commissioners Office
IHT = Inheritance Tax
IP = Insolvency Practitioner
IPA = Income Payment Agreement
IPO = Income Payment Order
IPOQ = Income Payment Order Questionnaire
IR = Inland Revenue Replaced by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
IS = Insolvency Service
IS = Income Support
ISA = Individual Savings Account
IVA = Individual Voluntary Agreement


JSA = Job Seekers Allowance



LA = Local Authority Find yours here
LHA = Local Housing Allowance


MA = Mobility Allowance


NDL = National Debt Line
NHS = National Health Service
NT = Nil Tax
NTC = Nil Tax Coding


OFT = Office of Fair Trading
OR = Official Receiver


PAN = Pre Action Notice Scheme
PAYE = Pay as You Earn
PAYG = Pay as You Go Mobile Phone Tariff
PIQ = Preliminary Interview Questionnaire in Bankruptcy
PoD = Proof of Debt
PP = PayPlan



RO = Repossession Order


SARN or SAR = Subject Access Rights Notice
SO = Standing Order
SoA = Statement of Affairs (Form 6.28 in bankruptcy)
SoL = Statute of Limitation Act 1980
SLC = Student Loan Company
SoS = Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
SMP = Statutory Maternity Pay
SSP = Statutory Sick Pay


TD = Trust Deed
TS = Trading Standards (see your own local authority website)



VA = See Individual Voluntary Agreement
VAT = Value Added Tax


WFTC = Working Families Tax Credits
WTC = Working Tax Credits