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#83747 Hi y'all

Silly question, but it's just occurred to me:

Okay, you pay your £2 to each of the CRAs to get your credit files.

Once you've written to them/any creditors to ask them to make corrections, do you have to pay out £2 to each of the CRA's again to view the CRFs again to check that the corrections have been made?

Thanx, S xxx
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By Gaz-UK
#83748 Each time you require your CRF you have to pay £2 each time.
Or you can pay about £7 a month to view them as many times as you wish online.

http://www.joincreditexpert.com EXPERIAN £5.99/m
http://www.econsumer.equifax.co.uk EQUIFAX £7.50/m

I signed up for both of them and if there is any change in my CRF they Text and email me.

Hope this is of help


#83755 Thanks Gaz.

I signed up to one of them (can't remember which) electronically, then got an email to say they were closing the account because the direct debit wasn't paid or something - which was a load of bullsh*t. These CRAs seem just as incompetent as the banks - I'm soooo glad I didn't have many creditors before B. so not too many changes to make.

S xxx