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By a.r.b
#6639 Hello, I'm new to this forum but am impressed with the quality of advice given. I have a question. I want to see what the situation is with some old debts and then hopefully do something about them.

I had a bank loan and credit card and went to live in New Zealand with my family in 1998. I had told my creditors where I was going and had every intention of re-paying the debts. But things didn't work out well financially and my low income meant that i couldn't keep up with re-payments. Then I had some health problems and in a panic I moved without telling the creditors. I did get some forwarded letters from a collection company in the UK (in 1998) threatening legal action - I didn't reply. More panic. I then sold up and returned to the UK with my family in 2000 but more chronic health problems soon lost me my job in the UK and so I was too afraid to contact my creditors due to lack of funds. I've heard nothing from anyone since 1998 and am still on a very low income.

Before I deal with any creditors I'd like to get any details of court judgements. Is it worth trying to get hold of details of any CCJ's in the UK for that period (from the Registry Trust or credit ref agencies) or should I look to New Zealand for these details? Is it likely that the creditors/collection people would have gone for a CCJ in the UK, knowing that I was in NZ, or would they have sold the debt on to someone in NZ or taken legal action there? Or is there a reciprocal agreement between the UK and NZ?

I'm aware of the 6 year thing and just want to know my status before I face up to any creditors. Any information would be much appreciated.
#6641 Logic would suggest trying the country in which you owed the debt first, surely ?
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By Nicky
#6647 Hi there

I would suggest the first thing you do is obtain your credit reports so that you can see exactly what information is held on there.

It is possible that some of your creds could have obtained a CCJ in your absense. If this is the case, you need to deal with them. If there is nothing stated on any of your credit files, and you have not acknowledged these debts in over 6 years, then you are home free.

So the first step is get all 3 of your credit reports and take it from there.

This link will take you to the companies you need to contact to get your credit files. ... .php?t=320

Come back with more questions if you have them. :wink:
By a.r.b
#6653 Thank you for your responses.

Yes I'll have to get hold of my credit reports. But what if there is nothing there, which might suggest the debts were sold on to a NZ company? Would I have to check in NZ too or are the credit reports international in scope? Does anyone know how it might work over there? Do they have their own credit reference agencies or an equivalent to our registry trust? Or is there likely to be a reciprocal agreement? I just want to have all the information before I think about contacting any creditors.

One more question. Is it true that if I buy my credit reports that will link my current address to any old records at old addresses and make it easier to trace me (if anyone is still trying). I'd rather chose when/if to contact any creditors when I have all the info and time to assess the situation rather than have them find me first, as now is really not a good time for health and financial reasons.

By the way, I have learned lessons and I have had no new debt at all for the last 5-6 years. Never again!

Thanks for taking the time to help me out with advice. It is appreciated
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By Nicky
#6655 If the UK sold debts abroad, this would indicate they had located your address, if this is so, you would have heard from the agency they sold the debt to. You havn't heard anything from anyone in over 6 years, so its unlikely the debts were sold on, they probably couldn't locate you.

There are reciprocal agreements in different countries, which is why its not really wise to run away from your debts, but there are of course those that get away with it.

If you obtain your credit reports you will need to inform the agencies of your current and previous addresses. They need this information to tie the file to yourself.

You need to know if you have any judgements on your files. If there is nothing, then you should be fine because the debts are statute barred after 6 years of no acknowledgement that the debt is yours, although you still owe the money, your creds can't use the legal system to get their money back.