Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By Iphigenia
#62284 1. An application form for Barclaycard

2. A 'postcard' (it's quite jazzy) from MBNA saying they intend to call w/c 10th May.

3. A letter from shoosmiths dca re MBNA - the account that sparked all this by suddenly refusing to let me use it, despite a perfect payment record but I'm not bitter. Threatening court action next week.

I assume I ignore 1 and 2 but what do I do about 3? Do they need to be told separately about my bankruptcy? And, if so, do I ring them, write them, send them a copy of the Order?

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By arnie70
#62286 Pass it on to your OR and let them deal with it.
By Bigmac
#62287 I sent a copy of the bankruptcy order to everyone. It only costs a stamp
and it soon stopped all the calls and letters. People on here will tell you that it's the OR's job to do this and that's part of what you pay them for.
That' true but it takes them ages. It took my OR about 6 weeks to get in contact with my bank...
By Iphigenia
#62291 Thankyou, I'll do both.

I think our OR's office is swamped - I haven't had my interview pack yet.
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By Ransid
#62296 The Or's have up to 12 weeks to notify your creditors (and then it'll take them an age to update their records/pass onto any gents they use), so I've always advocating sending them a letter with a copy order (using their prepaid reply envelope of course! - but I'd suggest it's worth the cost of a stamp anyway) and saying that "you'll know doubt have seen/see the entry in the London Gazette"

That has some impact with some creditors (at least it seems to slow down the contact) and at least you can say with good concious when they hassle you - look I've told you once and given you a copy of a sealed Order,what more do you want - p@ss off!
#62299 The day after Br I got a CCJ thru the post I just posted it back to them with a copy of my Br and not heard a thing since
By Stephen
#62326 I got a couple of things this morning in the post too....

The first, also from MBNA, offering me a super deal and discount on Home Insurance with them... hmmm, I think if their computer knew how much I'd owed them it wouldn't be offering me diddly squat!

The second, a letter fron Barclays (with whom I had a VERY old bank account and a credit card - of course!) telling me that they have been informed of my bankruptcy and that under their right of "set-off" they have transferred the balance from the Bank Accout to the Barclaycard.

Guess how much was in the account....

.... £4.01! :?

I feel kinda bad for them in a funny way. It probably cost them that much to sort it all out, adn send me a letter to tell me they'd done it.

God, I am SOOOOO glad not to have Credit Cards any more, they're the sporn of Satan! :twisted:
By Iphigenia
#62329 Amen, brother!

I will Never have a credit card again. I suppose I might consider a pre-paid card, because electron doesn't seem much taken online or on the phone.

I saw a doco about being overweight the other month and the doctor was saying, a recovering alcoholic stays totally away from alcohol; a recovering drug addict stays totally away from drugs - but a recovering fat person HAS to eat food, the very thing that sets them off onto dangerous patterns.

I feel the same way about money - a recovering debtor HAS to use money, so we have to be SSOO careful about how we handle it. I foresee a degree of paranoia for the rest of my natural!