Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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#473032 Good afternoon.

I am new here, so please go easy.!! I have a quick query as it's something that is causing me major issues and I am losing sleep over it.
On 20th March I went bankrupt. I had over £35,000 worth of debt from about 4 years ago. Finally taken the steps required to deal with it.
Quick background : Met my now wife ( Married last year ) In 2015. Didn't tell her about my debt problems, just ignored them and buried my head in the sand. Any way I started to transfer my wages into her SOLE account, so we could try and save money in order to achieve our goal of moving to Australia. I just used her card when I needed money.
Fast forward to now, I came clean to her about my money problems as I wanted to deal with them before moving to Australia on 3rd April 2018 She was quite rightly upset and angry and felt betrayed, and I cant blame her. Long story short, we had about £3500 in her own account, majority hers, some of mine from my wages ( couldn't tell you how much though ) . We paid the bankruptcy fee and filed for bankruptcy. It was signed off the next day and I was bankrupt. I finally felt a huge relief and pressure of my shoulders. OR phoned a few days later and arranged a telephone interview date for 27th March, which I was happy about.
Whilst waiting for the interview, I sold my old Ford Mondeo which was on its last legs for £900. I kept the transferred money in my wifes account just in case the OR wanted to know about it ( wasn't sure ) and because the £900 was needed for rent deposit and for an old car In Australia.

On 27th I had the interview and this is where things have got confusing and I am confused and upset.
During the interview she wasn't happy about me selling the car despite saying she had no interest in it initially. Then demanded that I transfer the £900 immediately to the OR bank account. She explained that I had no right to it despite my protests about needing it for basic living needs In OZ. So I did as she requested.

Then she told me that CCj'S are not covered by bankruptcies. Pardon? Yes that's correct, she told me that CCJ's are my responsibility to pay and that her records showed that as long as her records showed I had none, then she wouldn't entertain the conversation about it. I told her I had 6 of them, took a screen shot of my credit file and emailed her them, and I still got told that as far as she was aware, CCJ's are separate from bankruptcy. The OR then stated she would prepare a report for the creditors and I would hear back in a few months. Conversation over.

So can someone please clear up this confusion. Are CCJ's covered in bankruptcy orders ( all unsecured loans, credit cards etc ) and was she right to ignore my requests at least some of the money from the sale of my car ?

Also when I send my bank statements to her ( she didn't request them, just wanted me to send back the signed forms ) will she demand to see my wife's account. Whilst I have absolutely nothing to hide and been nothing but upfront and honest, my wife Is annoyed that she is getting dragged into this matter and is now worried it will affect her. She is happy to show certain deposits but not her outgoings or account details as it's not her going bankrupt.

I am so sorry this is a long message, but I am losing sleep over this now and wondering what is going on.

Thanks for reading and happy easter
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#473037 I do not understand this as CCJs are included in bankruptcies unless of course the creditor has then gone for a charging order on a property which makes it a secured debt which would not be included. You need to seek professional advice on this - you could however ring the insolvency service and ask the general question! If you look on google there are a large number of posts confirming this.

With the car - they may have allowed you to keep the car if you needed it for work over here but you cannot just sell it and keep the proceeds to buy a car in Australia - certainly not without informing the OR with what you intended to do.

I am sorry I cannot be more positive on the second answer but the first is very odd.
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