We recently caught up with Anna, who took out a Debt Management Plan (DMP) to manage her debts and help keep her freelance business operating.

How did your debt troubles start?

The recession of 2008 really affected my freelance work, and I still had bills to pay with limited work coming in. I also received some PPI payments in full, and then a few months later, they asked for almost half of it back, which I had not planned for.

How did that affect you?

I never had any debts until that moment, and it wasn’t a nice feeling. I was also still trying to keep my freelance business going.

How did you end up coming across PayPlan?

I was recommended by a customer service advisor from Barclays.

How did we help you?

When I spoke to PayPlan, I was told I could pay off the debt in monthly instalments, which was so much better than declaring myself bankrupt. 

How did you feel afterwards? 

I felt extremely relieved after finding that PayPlan could help me.

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is struggling with their debts?

Please don’t despair. There are always people who can help you.