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By Astaroth
#472971 Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

Before meeting my wife she lived in Spain for a short time with her then husband. Whilst there he did most the paperwork/banking etc and just got her to sign things when required. They took out a couple of loans for a car and for her to start a business as well as receiving some form of grant but her business failed, he struggled to get work and so they decided to come to the UK. Shortly after doing so they split up and she moved out.

Fast forward nearly 11 years and we are at today where she's divorced and remarried me and become a British citizen living in England who wants to sort out her past.

I don't have a clue as to even start trying to sort it out. She has no paperwork, doesn't remember what was in whos name etc and doesnt know if the grant was repayable or such in any circumstances. She's never had anyone in touch with her about it and hasnt spoken to anyone about the debts since leaving Spain 11 years ago. If you google her maiden name you used to find some form of national insurance/income tax debtor document that has her name on it from a couple of years after she left or so (from memory) but even thats gone now. She also cannot remember what her addresses were back then - they were mainly lodging in spare rooms as they tried to work out where to base themselves and so went through a few addresses in the short time they were there.

How do we tackle this?
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By JaneClack
#472972 Are they chasing her for these Spanish debts? If not then do not alert them.

If they are then she will need to see whether they have transferred the debts to UK collectors - they can do. This is not really a question we can answer with any authority so we should not. Basically this site is for debts in the UK not foreign debts.
By Astaroth
#473000 They're not chasing, never heard anything since leaving Spain a decade ago and whilst many would say to let sleeping dogs lay she "wants to do the right thing" but has no idea how to approach it, what her rights are, how Spannish creditors respond to a long term repayment plan etc.

I do appreciate that this is a UK focused forum but when googling for advice I saw a number of post in relation to overseas debt and some seemingly helpful replies