Discussions on life after your bankruptcy discharge.

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#472919 Been a long time since I’ve been on here, glad the forum is still going, it certainly helped me through some dark days in my life :|

Anyway what I would like to ask is; how long do you have to keep your bankruptcy order for???

I’m now 50, went bankrupt in 2005 when my kids were small, so they don’t know about this. And when the time comes for them to clear out my personal belongings, I certainly don’t want them to know what I did all those years ago!!

Thanks very much in advance for any replies, this forum is invaluable, can’t thank you enough :)
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By JaneClack
#472921 You have been discharged from bankruptcy and I hope you are still debt free or at least in a position where you can pay them.

If you are ever asked the question, have you been declared bankrupt or made arrangements with your creditors you have to respond with the truth. It will have disappeared from the bankruptcy register and your credit file now so there is no need to keep the forms - we would normally say 6 years to hold onto things.