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By thecatlady
#472905 hello
new here
can you give advice please

over 6 years ago i finally paid off my halifax debt
but lately ive been getting letters from westcots now arrow saying i owe £15K to halifax i paid it off years ago
ive moved house few times since and the letters came on redirection, they dont know my new address email or phone number. i def paid it off this is getting upsetting
had letter from restons wed saying i had until 30 nov to ring them and send my payslips or they will take me to court

who are they? are they another scum debt collection agency?
they dont have my ne w address i dont own my own home, live with parents

can anyone advise?
they cant find me me can they?
i checked my credit file and its clear no halifax listed no ccjs
so as its after 6 years is it statie barred? as not enforcable?


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By JaneClack
#472906 There are two things here

1) you say you have paid off the Halifax debt. How did you pay it off as if necessary bank details will show this and if a creditor were to try to take you to court they have to prove you owe the money, not you that you do not.

2) They are chasing you for £15,000 - was this the amount you owed or could it be from a joint debt in the past? As it seems a very high amount not to have been chased before?

Restons are a solicitor firm who could be acting for Arrow - if it is Arrow the debt could have been sold on to them - but again they have to prove you owe the money which you say you have paid off. If you want to say it is statute barred then you have not paid it off but if nothing has been paid to it for 6 years, it has not been acknowledged in writing and they have not gone for court action in those six years, or before, then it is statute barred. If you moved house in the 6 year period then they could have gone for court action by sending letters to the last known address they had for you but it does not look as if they have done this. A CCJ would have disappeared off your credit file after 6 years but would be enforceable if the creditor went back to court to say they had been unable to enforce it as they did not know your address.

The decision on what to do is up to you as any communication you make will have to show your current address but unless you have no current credit or bank accounts at your parents address then you should have a credit report which you have as you checked your credit file.
By superangel79
#472917 Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but im in a mess and getting further and further into depression because of all of this. Through a number of different situations im in about 23000 pounds worth of debt to a numberof different companies, from mobile phones a[to council tax and beyond. My marriage broke down and ive been left with them in my name, im on my own with my three small children and working three jobs to just survive and pay rent. I cant even get a mobile phone contract or anything and its soul destroying that im in such a mess. i want to sort it allout but cant see hiw i can do it, its all such a mess. its seriously affecting every aspect of my life and i cant ignore it anymore. i live in scotland, any advice would be greatly appriciated.
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By JaneClack
#472918 Don't worry - we have picked up the request.

Things can get better and I realise how desperate you must feel. There are options available to get rid of your debt but realistically you need to get further advice and complete a financial assessment to see what is the best way forward.

If you want to email me at we can talk more offline.